Matouš Hartman

UNYP alumnus Matouš Hartman
Graduation: Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2018
Career: Co-Founder at Lipa Care

Introducing Matouš Hartman, a dynamic alumnus of the University of New York in Prague and the co-founder of Lipa Care. Originating from an engineering background in a Czech state university, Matouš quickly realized the mismatch between his aspirations and his academic environment. Realization of that led him to UNYP.

Today, as an entrepreneur, Matouš has pioneered three ventures, with his latest endeavor focusing on the crucial healthcare sector in the UK. Join us as we delve deeper into his compelling journey, from the hallways of UNYP to the bustling world of start-ups.

To begin, why did you choose the University of New York in Prague for your degree in the first place?

I was studying engineering at a Czech state university, but was not satisfied there – neither the major nor the teaching style were good for me. I wanted to study business in a more progressive environment, and my previous experience studying at a US high school gave me the feeling UNYP would be a good choice. The trigger point was meeting one of your other students and actually visiting one of the classes. Then I applied for a scholarship, which I received, and enrolled.

What was your overall UNYP experience like? What did you like the most about studying at UNYP?

My time at UNYP was great. What I liked was the emphasis on practical skills (communication, public speaking, teamwork), rather than textbook definitions – not what a typical university in this country teaches you! I also appreciated the lecturers who came from the real world of business, and I will never forget the many great student events and parties outside of school.

What was the most significant thing you learned during your time at university?

The biggest lesson for me was that it is not IQ that matters. My ambition, work ethic and leadership will determine my successes – I can achieve anything I want, if I really want it.

At the first class of my Fundamentals of Finance course, our professor Aaron Johnson made us each pull out a quote from a hat. Mine was by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right”. This pretty much summarizes the kind of mindset that UNYP helped me cultivate.

Could you please introduce us briefly to your current career path? What do you love most about your work, and what are the biggest challenges you face?

Since graduating, I have founded three successful start-ups. A marketing agency, a real estate business, and now I am building a healthcare group in the UK. Our goal is to become the leading provider of home-based care services, which the people in this country (and in all of Europe) desperately need.

What I love about being an entrepreneur is there is no limit to what I can achieve. This project specifically allows me to take on a lot of responsibility, work with really smart people and learn to become a great leader. There are many challenges but the main one is managing people and pushing them to do their best. And the rain… because it always rains in Manchester!

Of course, there have been some unsuccessful ventures in the past, but it is not possible to succeed without making mistakes.

What did you like the most about studying at UNYP?

The environment at UNYP was positive, stimulating and inspiring. There were many ambitious people from successful families who were achieving great things. I made some great connections from all around the world that are helping me to this day, both in the Czech Republic and here in the UK. I doubt any other university in the country can provide this.

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