Dominika Janigová

Graduation: Bachelor of Professional Communication & PR, class of 2010
Career: PR & Marketing manager, Fource Entertainment

The life and career of Dominka Janigová (28) has been influenced by several factors. First, as a five-year-old girl she lived for some time in Paris with her father, professor of mathematics at the Sorbonne. Second, at high school she met “her artist” Ondra Pivec, a jazz musician playing on the Hammond organ, and today she is his manager. And third, her decision to study a Bachelor of Communication and Mass Media, and and then a Master of Business Communications and PR, at UNYP.

“Studying at UNYP was very inspiring. Students themselves are responsible for what they take from the school. If you want something and you are open-minded, the school will support you to reach for it,” Dominika explains. And she did achieve what she wanted. Since graduation she is devoted to her work as booking agent, promoter and manager for musicians. One of her biggest successes, she considers, was fulfilling Ondra’s dream and getting him to New York, where he is now well established. It was a learning process for her.

As well as two degrees from UNYP, Dominika also has an M.A. in International Film Theory and History from Newcastle University in the UK. Currently she works in Fource Entertainment, a small agency which brought the Smashing Pumpkins, Dire Straits and the very successful dance-music show LMFAO to Prague. Her work is very time-demanding and also chaotic, she declares. ”Often I work on several projects simultaneously, and on each of them, I have to deal with several parties involved. Studying at UNYP gave me a good basis in time management and cooperation with people. The school taught me to understand that different people see things differently, that sometimes somebody can be irresponsible, the importance of tolerance…and this helps me today.”

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