Nika Vavrová

Graduation: Communication & Mass Media, Class of 2013
Career: Business Owner, Kus Koláče, Další Kus

Could you briefly describe the story of “Kus Koláče”?

The story of our bakery, Kus Koláče (A Piece of Cake), is pretty simple. I have always baked for my friends and family (as an enthusiastic amateur and self-learner), and I have always been interested in hospitality and gastronomy as well. After my friends recommended me to their friends, and their friends to their friends, I could not possibly bake at home, so I decided to rent a small production space here in Prague. The demand slowly but surely shifted from private individuals to the owners of small Prague cafes, and my production space was not big enough for the demand. Word-of-mouth marketing really is the most powerful source of advertising! I found a charming little location in Vinohrady that was perfect for a small bakery. As well as a bigger production facility, my business partner and I decided to open a shop that would serve walk-in customers. Our shop offers mainly local, traditional Czechoslovak pastries, cakes and pies, just the way our grandmas used to bake (with a little modern twist!) that are filled with butter, fruit – and love, of course.  Besides the rich taste of our pastries, we also try to bring our emotions to our products, and this is what I believe is the most important aspect of a successful business.

Could you describe your career path right after finishing your studies?

After I graduated from UNYP with my Bachelor’s in Communication and Mass Media, I continued to study communication at La Salle University, and obtained MAs in Professional and Business Communication. After my graduation in Philadelphia, I decided to move to Florida, where my great friend Nina was opening a bakery, so the two of us started our career paths as professional bakers. After three years of working for Nina’s Fresh Bakery, I moved back to Prague, where I worked in hospitality for Ambiente restaurants (and baked cakes in my free time). Working for Ambiente was a great experience, and this experience helped me to start my own business.

Have your studies in communication helped you with building your business?

Absolutely – especially my MAs. Yes, economy is important, accounting is important, and production is important. But you need your customers, you need a message, and you need a meaning to sell whatever you are producing, and it all starts and ends with communication; with all parties involved; health departments, building departments, customers, employees, suppliers… You need to create mutually beneficial relations between you and everyone else involved. Communication is the key to any successful business.

Why did you decide to join UNYP for your bachelor studies?

Mainly for the possibility of studying in English, and because many of UNYP’s instructors are genuine skilled professionals from the business world. Moreover, an international environment is always an amazing benefit for your self-development. I would definitely join UNYP or La Salle again. The Communication department is a great option for anyone who is unsure about their future career; I have ended up using my knowledge in hospitality, but my former classmates work in fields such as politics, the music industry, tourism and sport associations.

What’s next?

Hopefully, we will open our new shop this summer – Další kus (Another Piece). It will be a savory sibling to our sweet shop, focusing on savory pies, breads, deli salads and spreads, and much more. I am very excited! And of course, we have still many things that we want to accomplish with Kus Koláče as well, so let’s see what another year brings.

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