Šárka Fričová

Graduation: MBA, class of 2006​
Career: Director and Co-owner of BeeMedia, s.r.o.

UNYP graduate Šárka Fričová believes that real professional success is only possible if you choose to work hard and put extra effort into everything you do.

Ms. Fričová founded the successful Prague-based consulting company BeeMedia together with her son Pavel. The company currently has two divisions: HR Consulting and Online Marketing. Within the HR division, they offer an extensive range of services in the area of personnel consultancy, including staff recruitment, outsourcing, AC management, consultancy and coaching, psycho-diagnostics, professional training, and HRM crisis management. Over the years, BeeMedia has expanded, and the team has worked on many exciting projects.

“I am always full of enthusiasm, and not afraid of any challenges. I am very proud of one of our latest BeeConsulting projects – the yearly Czech HR Summit, which we have held for the past three years, and which has become very popular among local and international businesses.” 

Today, the Czech HR Summit has many outstanding partners. This year’s program is dedicated to Employer Branding. This theme is very relevant to BeeMedia division BeeConsulting, and its new training program which focuses on helping senior professionals in top management positions to work on their personal brand. BeeConsulting focuses on consultancy in the area of personnel management, and was founded to capitalize on the extensive knowledge and experiences of BeeMedia’s staff. BeeConsulting consultants are professionals with a profound knowledge of the job market and trends in effective human resource management. Above all, they take pride in being reliable partners.

Before founding her family business, Ms. Fričová had a successful career in HR management, having worked on the senior level in global companies such as Japan Tobacco, GE Money Bank, Mariott International, Tesco, and XEROX. Serendipity has played a significant role in her life, both in her career path and her choice of the UNYP MBA program.

“My son has a Bachelor degree from UNYP. In the middle of his studies, he took a two-year break and went to Australia to study Information Technology in Sydney. Before he left, we had a bet that I would try to get an MBA from UNYP while he was abroad – so that was the beginning of two very challenging years. I was combining a full-time job at the Marriott International with my MBA studies at UNYP, and this was not easy – the hospitality business is fantastic but very demanding, and my studies took up all my free time. However, I managed to complete the course successfully, and even became the spokesperson of the class!” 

The MBA degree from UNYP has brought Ms. Fričová new perspectives on managerial practices, and has served her well for more than eight years, both on the boards of multinational companies and in her own business.

Ms. Fričová believes that it is crucial to have at least five years of work experience, and preferably managerial experience, before embarking on MBA studies, so that the degree work can be applied to what you have already done and experienced professionally.

“Many of the case studies and assignments are easier to understand if you have dealt with similar situations in the real world. It is also better for the group if you can share your work experiences and learn from each other, not just from the instructor and literature.” 

Ms. Fričová is proud that she was able to make a substantial change in her career path to becoming a successful business owner, after 21 years of being a senior HR manager in large corporations, and counts this as her greatest success.

“Starting my own business was not easy, but thanks to good recommendations and previous experience, our clients keep returning and promoting us, and we still offer great job positions, which are especially interesting for quality candidates. The key to success is to understand the job position and the working environment, and to have a good perception of people and how they can work together successfully.” 

Ms. Fričová’s plan for the future is to keep expanding her company’s portfolio of reliable returning clients. Her work brings new challenges every day, but it gives her deep satisfaction and a great boost of energy.

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