International Relations

April 21 2022
The University of New York in Prague is introducing six new concentrations in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College, within the Communication and Media Bachelor’s program and the International Relations Bachelor’s program.   New Communication and Media concentrations: Public Relations Media Marketing Multimedia Journalism New... Read more >
April 08 2022
As images of the war in Ukraine and its atrocities fill the news, the importance of studying international relations feels increasingly more evident. The latest developments remind us that peace is both precious and fragile. International affairs are not far-off abstractions, but directly impact our lives. We clearly see the real implications of our studies: the price of commodities and energy,... Read more >
February 28 2022
Dear UNYP Community,  The images and words coming to us from the invasion of the Ukraine remain deeply disturbing. While we watch in horror at the events unfolding on our screens, many in our community, and their families and friends, are personally impacted by the violence. UNYP firmly and unequivocally condemns this devastating attack on a sovereign country, and stands with the... Read more >
February 24 2022
Dear UNYP Community, This morning we all woke to the unfortunate reality of an armed engagement in Europe.  It is with a heavy heart that I write such a letter to all of you, our students, faculty, staff, and Alumni, and urge you all to embrace calm and collective unity.  As a community that represents more than 90 nationalities, it is without a doubt that some or many of you will... Read more >
November 25 2021
For a long time, Africa has been a major focus of my research. My research interests include, inter alia, the modern and contemporary history and politics of Ethiopia, with particular attention to nation-building, nationalism, ethnic identity, ethnic federalism and related issues, the issue of conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, Euro-African relations, and Czechoslovak-African relations. ... Read more >


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