International Relations

July 08 2020
It is in times of crisis when most of the great ideas in philosophy have been formulated. Great philosophers of all times wrote in periods of difficulty, of change: Plato, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, to mention a few of the authors that we discuss in the course Classics of Political Theory.  While political philosophy is always one of my preferred subjects to teach, I have to... Read more >
May 18 2020
There are thousands of ambitious Czech students who dream of studying in the US, and might now think that the pandemic has ruined their plans. But all is not lost; although these students have seen their study abroad plans interrupted, they still have the opportunity to receive an authentic American education without leaving the Czech Republic. The close partnership between the University of New... Read more >
April 08 2020
I lecture at several universities in the Czech Republic and abroad, and teach multiple courses that are related to Africa in one way or another (for instance, at UNYP I teach African Politics and Society). People frequently ask me “why Africa?” and this complex question requires a complex response. I believe that as human beings, we should be interested in what is going on in the world... Read more >
November 22 2019
Most of us think we know what peace is, but people often have very different definitions of this apparently simple word. And although almost everyone would agree that some form of peace—however it is defined—is desir­able, there are often forceful, even violent, disagreements over how to obtain it. Frequently, there is an unstated assumption in peace discourses that peace is universal and... Read more >
November 06 2019
On Friday, November 1st, a group of the University of New York in Prague students visited the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. This field trip was organized by the Dean of School of International Relations, professor Oscar Hidalgo.  "As an educator, I find field trips an essential part of the university experience. Studying International Relations in Prague provides UNYP... Read more >


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