International Relations

March 28 2019
The honorable Sara Jane del Carmen, presiding judge of the merged municipal courts of Colleyvile and Keller, made a presentation on the 25th of March on the role of the US courts of justice in the fight against terrorism. In front of an interested audience judge del Carmen referred to the difficult balance between maintaining the constitutional guarantees and fighting the terrorist threat... Read more >
March 26 2019
Teaching law has never been an easy task, regardless of the specific field you deal with. Of course, different fields of law require a different attitude and slightly different methods, but one unique element is now common to all of them, and must be given special attention. This element is the speed and ease of access to information in the 21st century, including not only the legislation itself... Read more >
January 10 2019
Zdena Bočarová from Hospodářské noviny interviewed Jakub Malhocký, student of International and Economic Relations program. He shared his experience about his time at University of New York in Prague. Jakub is not only a student, but also Business Analyst at EY, council manager in Youth European Council and he completed an internship in EUROPEUM, Institute for European Policy. While at high... Read more >
December 16 2018
The world events of the past few years have shown us that there is a strong need for a broader international perspective on global development, in order to help us better understand humanity’s prospects for the future. Obtaining a degree in International Relations could be your key to personally making our rapidly changing globalized world a better place. Essentially, the study of International... Read more >
Media coverage is of particular importance as it provides a critical backdrop for the formation of public opinion
November 27 2018
A recently published report by the Pew Research Center documents vast differences across Europe in public attitudes toward Muslims. It is interesting that the proportion of citizens of Central and Eastern European countries who say that they would be willing to accept Muslims as members of their family is considerably lower than in Western Europe. A similar pattern is shown in the recent special... Read more >


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