International Relations

June 04 2018
UNYP is pleased to announce that the Czech Ministry of Education has formally granted permission to UNYP to continue to offer the programs of its long-standing American partner universities: American Bachelor programs approved In cooperation with State University of New York, Empire State College (USA) Bachelor’s degree programs in: Business Administration Communication &... Read more >
May 07 2018
UNYP has always been extremely proud of its Alumni, which is why the Alumni of the Year Award was created. The Award is one way to acknowledge and reward an alumnus or an alumna and their achievements. UNYP’s Alumni continue to change the world for the better and UNYP believes that rewarding these efforts is the right way forward. The 2018 Award will be historically first and the recipient of... Read more >
April 26 2018
In day-to-day life, we all navigate a range of risks: each time we cross the road, for example, we face a relatively slight chance of serious injury or death. Some risks are more serious than others, so we devote more of our time and effort to mitigating them. For instance, other things being equal, it makes sense to devote more effort to reducing the risks of dying in a car accident than to... Read more >
January 29 2018
A platform to discuss current issues, a place to find friends for life, the perfect environment to develop yourself and to prepare for your future job and all kinds of life situations – these are just a few ways to describe the European Youth Parliament (EYP). EYP is hard to describe in a single phrase or sentence, because it encompasses many things. Everybody gains a different experience from... Read more >
January 25 2018
For Petar Buha, studying in Prague fulfilled a lifelong dream. The Croatian Czech was born in Prague, but he went to school in a small Croatian town. Since his departure, he always wanted to return to the Czech Republic’s capital city and he finally did when he came to study at University of New York in Prague. After earning two degrees, in Business Administration and International and... Read more >


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