January 18 2021
It has been a few weeks since the end of the UNYP fall semester, and most of our students are now using Perlego for their studies. Many of them also choose to use the website to read for pleasure, which is an excellent way to relax during the long winter break evenings. Even if you are not majoring in English Language and Literature, you can still enjoy the diverse range of fiction available on... Read more >
December 21 2020
Once again, we find ourselves wrapping up the Fall semester here at UNYP. Although 2020 has been a challenging year, it has pushed us to become more open to innovations and technologies that facilitate the education process and help students persist with their studies. One of these was our Perlego subscription, which significantly helped UNYP students and faculty to continue the semester... Read more >
December 15 2020
As we finish the month of December and reflect upon the events of this challenging year, we thought this book would be an excellent pick for our Perlego Book of the Month feature; not only for its quiet meditative tone and philosophical nature but also because some of the photographs discussed by Geoff Dyer were taken during the Great Depression and... Read more >
November 04 2020
October was the month of terrifying Halloween pranks and spooky stories – and scariest of all, the dreaded midterms! With this theme in mind, we chose a book by the “father of horror” himself for our Perlego book of the month – The Terrifying Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. This volume includes many of the scary stories that you might... Read more >
October 03 2020
It has now been a month since the start of the fall semester at the University of New York in Prague. As most of our students have been using Perlego to acquire textbooks for their classes, many have forgotten that you can also use the website to find a book to read for pleasure, sit with a cup of tea, and enjoy the journey. Of course, all of us – UNYP students, professors, and everyone else –... Read more >


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