February 23 2022
UNYP is proud to announce that it has achieved full membership in the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The EFMD is globally recognized as an accrediting body for business schools and business programs, and UNYP’s full membership is the first step towards accreditation by this prestigious institution.   EFMD provides its members with a wide range of targeted... Read more >
December 21 2021
“The MBA of the University of New York in Prague is re-inventing Management education”, says Juwana Jenkins, EMCC accredited Senior Practitioner Coach and leader of the innovative coaching program GROW to Flow.   UNYP helps MBA students set smarter goals related to issues and challenges they face at work.   In today’s digital world, any kind of management information is... Read more >
November 04 2021
On Tuesday, November 2nd, the University of New York in Prague held its fourth public webinar. This time, UNYP has chosen a hybrid system, when there were guests physically at the seminar, as well as online on the ZOOM platform. The webinar focused on an important topic of Women in Business. This event was hosted by Dimana Mabhena, a Co-founder of GenWork. Our three special... Read more >
June 24 2021
Even in these challenging and unusual pandemic times, the extraordinary achievements of our alumni cannot go unnoticed. We believe that rewarding one alumnus or alumna every year is an important part of keeping our alumni network engaged and connected to the UNYP community. The ambition, enthusiasm and hard work our alumni put into their projects are changing the world in many areas on a local... Read more >
May 05 2021
Influencers are often judged for what they do, and influencing is seldom taken seriously as a career option – especially when it comes to older generations, who are not digital natives. The general opinion is that influencers don’t really know what they want to do with their lives beyond posting nonsense on social media. While it might be true that many young people are interested in this career... Read more >


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