June 25 2019
After a rigorous process that has taken almost a year to complete, the University of New York in Prague is proud to announce the renewal of its accreditation status with the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS). CAMBAS is an organization that accredits MBA programs in the Czech Republic based on strict criteria of quality, which only the most prestigious programs satisfy. The UNYP MBA... Read more >
April 04 2019
Graduate studies can prepare you for a more senior or managerial role in your profession. When choosing an MBA degree concentration, you must be aware of which skills are essential in your area. You will acquire focused expertise, so it’s important to be sure about your professional ambitions before you commit to an MBA program with a concentration.  The University of New York in Prague... Read more >
January 15 2019
Would you prefer to play a small role in a big organization, or to launch your own business as a founder or CEO? Of course, the latter is riskier, but more and more UNYP students pursuing an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship are turning to that option. If you think that you do not need formal education to become an entrepreneur, think twice. Higher education will help you get that... Read more >
November 23 2018
One of the most significant decisions that you must make when preparing to enter graduate business school is which MBA concentration most matches your career goals. Of course, MBA programs are well-known for equipping graduates with managerial skills, but they also give the opportunity to specialize in a particular industry. This is useful to students whose ambitions are more specific than simply... Read more >
October 02 2018
Prague is a somewhat fantastic place to live and study. It’s also a great place to build a startup. As living costs are much lower than elsewhere in the EU, businesses can scale up quicker than in Western European markets. As the most prominent business hub in the country, Prague offers well-developed infrastructure and a fantastic location – close to other centers, such as Berlin (4-hour drive... Read more >


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