Political Science

March 25 2022
Politics is a part of everyday life, even though this may not always seem obvious. We live in a time of constant change: society and human interactions are in flux, the economy has transformed, and many geographical changes have taken place over the past century. In this article, we are going to take a look at three things that you need to consider if you want to study Political Science, and why... Read more >
November 25 2021
For a long time, Africa has been a major focus of my research. My research interests include, inter alia, the modern and contemporary history and politics of Ethiopia, with particular attention to nation-building, nationalism, ethnic identity, ethnic federalism and related issues, the issue of conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, Euro-African relations, and Czechoslovak-African relations. ... Read more >
October 25 2021
Human rights are under threat around the world. In the modern era, when we have an increasing level of average health, prosperity and education worldwide, why are human rights still under-protected?   There is a tendency to see opportunity as a limited supply, rather than an equation where we can enlarge the pie of resources that we have to share. Once we begin to look... Read more >
March 30 2021
In September 2021, we will welcome the first cohort of students to our newly-registered bachelor program in Political Science, offered in cooperation with SUNY Empire State College. One could have hardly have expected a better time for a program like this to be launched. We live in a time of what we could call a civilizational crisis. “Crisis” should not be understood as a period of... Read more >
February 15 2021
To fully understand all political happenings in 2020, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, US elections, Trump impeachment or WHO dealing with a global pandemic, one needs to posses wide political knowledge and critical thinking. Not having these attributes might result in a dramatic decline in stability of the society. To prepare future generations for a world with rapid developments in... Read more >


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