Bachelor in International Relations: Concentration in Conflict and Security Studies

Make the world a safer place with a Bachelor in International Relations with a Conflict and Security Studies concentration

Conflict and Security Studies is a discipline that focuses on risk and conflict. Conflict is easily understood as both violent action and politics conducted under the threat of violence, but Conflict and Security Studies also encompass national security, societal security, environmental security, and economic security. Students of Conflict and Security Studies seek to understand policies and strategies for controlling, managing, containing and preventing threats to security and peace.

The Conflict and Security Studies concentration at the University of New York in Prague helps students to understand international disputes, the way in which their nature have changed, and the use of violence in international relations. These topics have never been more relevant than they are now, and students of this concentration will develop the analytical skills necessary to understand the risks we confront in our lives. They will be ready to pursue careers in which they work to limit the impact of these risks and make our societies safer.

To be eligible for the International Relations degree with a Conflict and Security Studies concentration, the student must be enrolled in the State University of New York, Empire State University and UNYP Dual degree program. To obtain the concentration in Conflict and Security Studies, students must obtain 12 credits (24 ECTS credits) in courses from the list of the concentration subjects; select a topic for the bachelor thesis in a topic related to the concentration focus; and succeed in the Czech State Exam and earning the UNYP bachelor’s degree. The name of the concentration will appear in the UNYP Diploma Supplement along with the specification of the Major.

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Ondrej Papez

Consultant at InfaPartner
"Thanks to UNYP’s American education system, I was able to take more business-related courses and modules. Shortly after finishing the mandatory courses, I shifted my focus towards business administration and marketing management—I found these courses to be much more relevant to what I was already doing professionally outside school. I received a lot of practical information"

  • Cybersecurity and New Forms of Warfare
  • Human Security
  • Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
  • The United Nations in World Politics
  • War, Peace and Violence in IR
  • Special Topics in IR (Conf. & Security Studies)

  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Peace Expert
  • Security Analyst
  • Mediator
  • Lobbyist
  • Governmental officer
  • Arbitrator
  • Security Consultant

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