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Lenka White
Lenka White
Bachelor in International Economic Relations, class of 2016
United Nations Correspondent
"The university also offered robust international connections which were beneficial to my personal and professional growth later. For instance, I participated in the CFA Challenge competition, which was an exhilarating experience. This also added an impressive accomplishment to my CV, contributing to my preparation for further studies and career opportunities."
Václav Vítek
Václav Vítek
MBA in Tourism Management, class of 2007
Bachelor of International and European economics, class of 2004
Executive Officer, Quissisana Services s.r.o.
"People who study at University of New York in Prague are not waiters; they’re usually leaders,"
Kateřina Říhová
Kateřina Říhová
MBA in Entrepreneurship, class of 2015
Business Manager of GM CEE Multi-Country at Microsoft
"I loved most of the classes because the professors came from different parts of the world, with different experiences; they were not just academics, they came from real businesses with real life experiences."
Adam Grof
Adam Grof
Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, class of 2014
Master of Professional and Business Communication, class of 2015
Global HR Services Advisor for Microsoft
"When you have it on your CV, employers can see an American education and are impressed. While studying there, I learned how to prioritize. I learned how to present in English with confidence and sell myself to my managers. I was like a partner with my professors, not just a student."
Pavel Bykov
Pavel Bykov
MBA in Information Technology, class of 2011
Co-founder and CEO at IP Fabric
"The program really covers all aspects of business, so it provided a solid foundation to build upon. In some cases, the knowledge was absolutely crucial, especially in accounting. I’m constantly hearing comments from investors that they’ve never seen such pristine financial accounting from a company at such an early stage."

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