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Steven Trottier
Steven Trottier
M.Sc. in International Management, class of 2018
Director of temporary recruitment, TAG Recruitment Group
"During my studies at UNYP, I had a chance to meet and befriend people from all over the world. Even in our relatively small class, we had representatives from almost every continent!"
Olga Mantilla
Olga Mantilla
Master in International Management, class of 2018
Deputy Manager of CARLO IV
"I was also looking for a university where I could make good connections for the future – the network you create is one of the most important things you gain from doing a Master’s degree. I found the double degree that UNYP offers with Bolton University to be very beneficial. It was good to have academic input from the UK, combined with everything UNYP could offer – a great mix of two universities."
Lukáš Šiml
Lukáš Šiml
Business Administration, class of 2015
Co-founder of Adwheels
"I remember feeling an acute sense of belonging, and the way that I instantly identified with the people I met. I remember the different languages, cultures, viewpoints all mixing together in one melting pot, enriching the discussions we had and shifting the opinions we held. Everyone seemed so eager to learn!"
Martin Šimonek
Martin Šimonek
International Economic Studies, class of 2006
"UNYP provides its students with a great deal of self-appreciation and belief in one’s own abilities. Thanks to UNYP’s approach and philosophy, and the way in which its highly-professional staff pass their practical knowledge and skills onto students, graduates enter the real world armed with the confidence that allows them to achieve great things. Having this degree was a condition for me to study in the UK, and UNYP made the process of getting enrolled at the LSE very smooth."
Šárka Fričová
Šárka Fričová
MBA, class of 2006​
Director and Co-owner of BeeMedia, s.r.o.
"Many of the case studies and assignments are easier to understand if you have dealt with similar situations in the real world. It is also better for the group if you can share your work experiences and learn from each other, not just from the instructor and literature."

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