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Pavel Podruh
Pavel Podruh
Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and International Relations, class of 2009
Founder and CEO of Czech Sustainable Houses & iBatt Ltd.
"I finished High School in the US and wanted to continue with the ethos. At that time, I also started to tour with my band here in the Czech Republic intensively. So, UNYP was the win-win scenario for me. I am glad I made this choice."
Hana Reader
Hana Reader
MBA in HR, class of 2011
Regional HR Manager, Zentiva Group
"Only since doing the MBA have I fully understood some of the connections in our business. Among the most useful for me was new knowledge about economics and finance. Such as what P&L is, what a balance sheet is, how to read an annual report, how the stock markets work…,"
Martin Pavlíček
Martin Pavlíček
MBA in Marketing, class of 2012
Managing Director, Havas Worldwide Prague
"Some of the biggest benefits of studying at UNYP are the contacts one gains, and the ‘mutually beneficial relations’. Not just with student colleagues, but also with professors. You meet people here from many countries, you learn from each other and this immensely enriches you."
Jeff Medeiros
Jeff Medeiros
MBA in Information Systems, class of 2012
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Keastone
"I’ve made more relevant contacts in business through UNYP than UC Berkeley"
Martin Trepáč
Martin Trepáč
MBA in Marketing, class of 2012
Director Marketing CZ & SK, Philip Morris CR a.s.
"I realized early enough to listen or accept others’ opinions, while I was improving my education by studying in the MBA program at UNYP. In my classes, I met students who worked in different industries and realized that even though marketing is mainly about intuition and common sense, if you spend a great deal of time in one field, it influences the way you think. But by including the opinions of others you open the door for your career development and personal growth."

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