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Jeff Medeiros
Jeff Medeiros
MBA in Information Systems, class of 2012
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Keastone
Jeff Medeiros, and his business partner Keith Adams believe that once you filter out the unnecessary noise of managing what…
Alexander Raiman
Alexander Raiman
Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2008
Chief Operating Officer, Keastone
Alex Raiman joined Keastone January 1st 2016 as COO, to build out international business operations for the team and support the next round…
Olga Mantilla
Olga Mantilla
Master in International Management, class of 2018
Deputy Manager of CARLO IV
Olga Mantilla is one of those people who never stops looking for new opportunities. Originally from Colombia, Olga began her…
Kateřina Kantová
Kateřina Kantová
Master in Clinical & Counseling Psychology, class of 2013
Psychologist and Author
“The most important advice is to do what makes you happy. If on Monday you’re already looking forward to Friday,…
Monika Hansson Tutter
Monika Hansson Tutter
Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2003
Management Coach
“For me, coaching is not about giving the answers. Coaching is about working together with my clients to uncover the…

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