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Latest Chronicle - December 2016

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December 19 2016
Why do we decide in certain situations the way we do? Why someone becomes a workaholic and someone would be “bohem” his whole life? What drives our actions, emotions and even the quality of our life? The answer can be found in the six... Read more >
December 19 2016
A man stands in front of modern sculpture near the entrance to Bratislava’s Eurovia shopping center. He stares at his smart phone, alternately reading, drawing, pressing the screen, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings. After about five... Read more >
December 19 2016
In October I was at a small, intimate, concert (capacity 150) by a band originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina that I used to listen to and became friendly with over the years. It was a comeback tour show, promoting a comeback record... Read more >
November 30 2016
2016 will probably be remembered as the year when an unexpected (and perhaps uninvited) candidate was elected to be the president of the most influential country in the world. This brings memories of 2008, when Barack Obama won the... Read more >
November 30 2016
Awarding the American singer-songwriter the Nobel Prize for Literature means acknowledging the “great American song tradition” ‒ its artistic importance and cultural influence. The story of American song to a certain extent resembles the... Read more >


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