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December 21 2017
If you are the founder of a successful company, you are likely to have built up power and control in your company for over 20 years, with everyone around you relying on your decisions. For an entrepreneur, having power means having a sense... Read more >
10 ways to manage successful living
December 21 2017
How often have you found that you have 28 hours worth of tasks to accomplish in a day, but only the standard 24 hours available?  Do you sometimes wish there were two of you?  Do you sometimes find yourself "short-changing" your tasks,... Read more >
December 21 2017
While traveling to work these days on the metro in Prague, I observe rows of heads slightly tilted downward, gazing at mobile devices. The information emanating from these machines includes valuable real-time information, entertainment and... Read more >
November 22 2017
“Who’s that trip-trapping over my bridge?” roared the troll. “It is I! The Big Billy Goat Gruff!” In the children’s tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff, three brother goats must cross a bridge under which a terrifying troll lurks. Each goat... Read more >
November 22 2017
The previous Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, once advised the delegates at the Young Atlanticist Summit to: “take ownership of tomorrow, strengthen capacity, widen vision as global citizens.”[1]  Model United Nations conferences give young... Read more >


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