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April 26 2018
Have you ever sensed that things are simply not going your way, no matter what you do to make your projects – and your life in general – work as desired?  Are you sometimes at a loss to understand why your efforts come to little effect? ... Read more >
April 26 2018
We are only a few weeks away from final exams. Many students are already getting jittery and nervous about how to study and prepare for all the different classes. Being a university student is an opportunity that not everyone is fortunate... Read more >
April 26 2018
In day-to-day life, we all navigate a range of risks: each time we cross the road, for example, we face a relatively slight chance of serious injury or death. Some risks are more serious than others, so we devote more of our time and... Read more >
March 27 2018
This year, SUNY/Empire State College in Prague participated in the celebration of Black History Month. We sponsored a series of events aimed at showcasing the history and contributions of African-Americans within the story and fabric of U.... Read more >
March 20 2018
“In the Alumni Office we felt that there was something missing, that we needed to give back to the UNYP alumni community. Recognizing one alumnus or alumna is only a small part of giving back, but we believe it’s the right place to start... Read more >


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