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April 01 2022
The Russian invasion of Ukraine poses some challenges for students of International Law and Diplomacy in terms of what they have were taught and what they have come to expect of the discipline. Since World War II, there has been no major... Read more >
March 30 2022
Irena Buřívalová attained her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media at UNYP in cooperation with the State University of New York in 2005, before going on to complete her Master’s in Professional Communication and Public Relations... Read more >
February 24 2022
Now is the time for healing on many levels, from the personal to the societal.  Over the past two years, our lives have been challenged due to worldwide events. Many of us have experienced trauma, perhaps related to painful divisions... Read more >
February 23 2022
UNYP is proud to announce that it has achieved full membership in the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The EFMD is globally recognized as an accrediting body for business schools and business programs, and UNYP’s full... Read more >
January 31 2022
As we embark upon spring semester, let us remember the power of hope, as embodied in the dormant blossoms that will open their petals as soon as the season and warm weather allow.  Particularly during this challenging time, we need a... Read more >


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