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January 25 2022
How many of us believe that creativity is the exclusive domain of artists, politicians, planners, and other people who need to be able to create solutions, sometimes fairly quickly? On the other hand, Rod Judkins ( Read more >
December 30 2021
In the region of the Western Balkans, donors and international implementing agencies have played a crucial role in supporting the development of independent media – i.e. media free from government, business, or political influences over... Read more >
December 29 2021
(Especially when everything seems to be Priority 1)   Here’s one that almost all of us have faced at one time or another: A mass of work or projects to accomplish, limited time available, and every task and every project pushing to be... Read more >
November 25 2021
For a long time, Africa has been a major focus of my research. My research interests include, inter alia, the modern and contemporary history and politics of Ethiopia, with particular attention to nation-building, nationalism, ethnic... Read more >
November 24 2021
Over the past few decades, English-medium universities like UNYP have admitted increasingly diverse groups of students, many of whom speak English as an additional language (Lea & Street, 2010; Thesen, 1997). The transition from high... Read more >


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