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May 28 2019
In our work, study and personal issues, we must sometimes come to grips with the fact that things do not always go completely to plan. On occasion, our best-laid strategies and intentions lie in tatters before us, perhaps due to... Read more >
May 27 2019
Last summer, when visiting family in Canada, I found it rather curious that Grandma was spending a great deal of time alone in a separate room ‘on the internet’. In the beginning it seemed rather amusing: this woman in her mid-seventies,... Read more >
April 29 2019
In today’s hectic universe it would be difficult to imagine that anyone would be exempt from the stresses and turmoils that are allowed to “poison” our personal, academic and professional lives.  I say “allowed” because the negativities... Read more >
April 26 2019
Before artists begin to paint, they may coat their canvas with an earth-tone wash, and outline the basic shapes with raw umber, yellow ochre, and titanium white. This first step, known as the "under-painting", leaves the artist with an... Read more >
April 16 2019
An auditorium packed with students, faculty, and community members listened as Mirek Topolanek, former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, delivered a thorough lecture detailing the failings of democracy and their economic consequences.... Read more >


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