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February 17 2019
We are proud to announce that the Czech Ministry of Education has granted a ten year accreditation (the maximum number of years permitted by law) to UNYP’s Communication and Media program. This successful accreditation is the result of our... Read more >
January 29 2019
Too often we get caught up in the day-to-day tensions that arise between our co-workers or fellow students.  Although we ourselves may remain mostly uninvolved in the conflicts that come about through the normal discourse of our activities... Read more >
January 25 2019
I was asked to write an article for "The Chronicle". I thought of writing something about your "future", but then I was told that my article should be two pages long, maximum! The problem is that I don’t even need that much space to talk... Read more >
January 17 2019
This month the University of New York in Prague is proud to host the third International High School Model UN conference, organized by the MUNYP student club. MUNYP emerged nine years ago as a platform for students who are passionate about... Read more >
December 13 2018
When I’m speaking about what I do, I’m often simply asked “What’s the value of the SUNY Empire State College degree in Prague (or any location outside the United States)”?  Why would any student want to commit to all that work and a longer... Read more >


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