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October 17 2019
Over the summer, Drs. Audeliz (Audi) Matias (Associate Professor and Mentor, Department of Natural Sciences) and Sheila Marie Aird (Associate Professor and Director of European Academic Programs), began the first phase of their oral... Read more >
October 03 2019
The University of New York in Prague marked the month of September with an exciting new collaboration with GEA College (Ljubljana, Slovenia) on the implementation of a new MBA program. Both higher education establishments share a mutual... Read more >
September 17 2019
How many of us have a fear of speaking in public?  The word “speaking” is easy enough to understand, but the word “public” is a little more complex in the equation.  Public can be anything from a one-on-one conversation with a friend to... Read more >
September 16 2019
Prom is an unforgettable experience that you do not want to miss. Tests come and go, but memories like this last forever!  We all know that proms can be expensive, especially once you add up all the little details. This is why the... Read more >
September 16 2019
TEDxUNYP is just around the corner, and this year could not be more exciting!  Our TEDxUNYP community is growing, and this year’s event will be the biggest and best yet. We will have a new venue, larger audiences, TED Circles, new swag and... Read more >


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