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December 11 2018
I see it over and over again – my students showing up to class in the middle of a personal crisis. Granted, I teach freshmen, so perhaps that should be no surprise. The stress and drama of adjusting to university, compounded by a seemingly... Read more >
November 28 2018
According to the latest survey by STEM/MARK, younger Czechs think better of private schools than the older generations. 2 in 3 respondents between age 15 and 29 appreciate a more individual approach and more than three fourths agree that... Read more >
Media coverage is of particular importance as it provides a critical backdrop for the formation of public opinion
November 27 2018
A recently published report by the Pew Research Center documents vast differences across Europe in public attitudes toward Muslims. It is interesting that the proportion of citizens of Central and Eastern European countries who say that... Read more >
November 26 2018
Results of research among students executed by the MEDIAN research agency earlier this year showed that the majority of Czech middle school students have a low level of media literacy.  Their knowledge of how social media and internet... Read more >
November 15 2018
What do you imagine first when you hear the word “Erasmus”? Traveling all over Europe? Exploring new places? Meeting new people? Learning and studying in a new language? All this is now available to UNYP students – and financially... Read more >


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