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October 31 2018
Have you ever wanted to visit New York City, yet stay physically in the Czech Republic? University of New York in Prague (UNYP) arrived in Gaudeamus Brno with a NYC subway car, and a replica of Time Square supported by a team of students,... Read more >
October 30 2018
As a professional writer, I work with language and words all day. First, when I write outlines and notes, then writing the first draft, and finally, when I proofread and edit. I work mostly in the Czech language, but I have also written... Read more >
October 29 2018
Communication and Media scholar Jakub Guziur’s latest book is entitled, ‘Ezra Pound in Contemporary (Post) Culture: Images of the Modernist in Artistic Media’. The book consists of a set of essays related to deconstructing images of Pound... Read more >
September 26 2018
Have you ever found yourself faced with an important task but been unable to focus on it long enough or well enough to get it done effectively? Does this happen to you too often for comfort?  Certainly, the occasional inability to... Read more >
is your tablet hurting your child
September 26 2018
Tablets, mobiles, computers - for today's toddlers, these "toys" are more common than Lego. "Children are mature enough to work independently with technology only at about the age of fourteen. Only then should they get a kind of digital... Read more >


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