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May 29 2018
On May 18th, 2018 the University of New York in Prague celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Prague Congress Center, Zoom. The event was a culmination of 20 years of excellence in education and success as institution that celebrated UNYP... Read more >
May 29 2018
How often have you had to face a pile of work (whether it be professional tasks or school assignments), but with an energy meter pegged at zero after a long day?  We have all been there – unfortunately, our increasingly hectic schedules... Read more >
May 29 2018
The University of New York in Prague’s 20th Anniversary celebration is very special in itself, however there was one moment during the Gala evening, which brought a new important tradition to life. For the first time ever, UNYP officially... Read more >
April 26 2018
Have you ever sensed that things are simply not going your way, no matter what you do to make your projects – and your life in general – work as desired?  Are you sometimes at a loss to understand why your efforts come to little effect? ... Read more >
April 26 2018
We are only a few weeks away from final exams. Many students are already getting jittery and nervous about how to study and prepare for all the different classes. Being a university student is an opportunity that not everyone is fortunate... Read more >


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