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November 30 2022
The first thing that comes to mind when students are asked why they like studying at UNYP is national diversity and the opportunity to meet different cultures in one place. Nevertheless not only students of UNYP are diverse. We recruit our... Read more >
November 29 2022
Are you a “full-time” student who is trying to balance study, work, and personal life? There is no secret how hard it can be for students to combine study with a number of other commitments. We are all striking the perfect balance which... Read more >
 Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash
November 25 2022
Found a great vacancy? Now you need to interest the employer by emphasizing your top qualities. The University of New York in Prague leads the way among Prague-based universities for the employment rate of its bachelor’s students; a survey... Read more >
Photo by Christin Hume
November 24 2022
The global experience over the past years created new challenges and opportunities for professional educators and their students. Instructors deployed tools and implemented strategies to continue the delivery of teaching and learning for... Read more >
October 28 2022
Every day we make, more or less voluntarily, an incredible number of decisions, from the absolutely trivial to the essential, and sometimes, among all the pluses and minuses, gains and losses, it sometimes flashes through our heads if we... Read more >


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