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Communication & Media studies can help you open new doors

The University of New York in Prague offers American and European bachelor’s degrees in business administration, with the unique opportunity to receive double degrees from the State University of New York, Empire State College, and a Czech-accredited UNYP degree (bakalář, Bc.). All UNYP programs are taught entirely in English.

UNYP Bachelor of Communication & Media graduates will:

  • Achieve a world class education that develops critical conceptual understanding and analysis, technical skills, and research capabilities that will enable them to work in one of the communication professions or fields;
  • Focus on examining and understanding the dynamics of communication in language, media, and culture within both theoretical and practical frameworks;
  • Analyse a range of communicative and cultural practices and the ways in which individuals and groups use and react to them;
  • Examine the ways in which identity is constructed and articulated and the means by which differences are signaled, as well as the complexity of relationships existing between communication, information and power;
  • Study the structures, forms and effects of communicative activities such as language, film, and photography;
  • Develop professional and technical skills within a broader framework of structured thought, social awareness and critical and ethical reflection;
  • Place this education within a context of inter-disciplinary, collaborative and international learning environment;
  • Build the understanding and skills necessary to be contributing, flexible, adaptable, creative, and tolerant in a social and professional environment characterized by convergence and change.


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  • Double Degree Option

    Students in an American bachelor’s degree program that choose to major in Business Administration, Communication & Media, International & Economic Relations, or Psychology have the option of sitting the Czech state exams upon completion of their program. Successful candidates are then awarded double degrees consisting of both an American degree from the State University of New York, Empire State College and a European degree from UNYP.

  • American Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media

    The aim of this four-year communications degree, awarded by State University of New York & Empire State College, is to assist students to become highly skilled, versatile, independent thinkers with the research experience, information literacy, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary for an advanced professional career, or further academic study at the master’s degree or doctorate level. Within this Bachelor's program, the University of New York in Prague facilitates creative interdisciplinary links studied to develop broadly educated individuals who are able to apply their knowledge, skills, and attitudes creatively and flexibly in a broad cultural and social context. It was developed in response to the recognized societal need for graduates who understand the processes, effects, and cultural implications of communication in the information age.

    The course emphasizes the development of communication skills through standard modules in organizational and interpersonal communication, as well as professional modules in media writing for different fields such as print and broadcast journalism or public relations and advertising. Through field and project work, as well as lectures, seminars and studio work, students gain skills that are transferable and applicable to a variety of professional work settings.

    The emphasis on professional application is further reflected in the areas of concentration within the communication and mass media major. In the third year of study, students have the opportunity to choose and study a number of courses in three main areas that emphasize the development of practical skills: media writing, public relations and advertising. These areas serve to combine the theoretical with the applied, and provide students with solid professional grounding in professional theory and practice, thereby preparing them for the workplace.

      Graduates from the program will be able to use their theoretical, research, and applied skills, and in most cases internship experience and/or project work, to continue developing as creative, lateral-thinking problem solvers in the global market place. Alumni can be found in graduate programs in Australia and the United States, as well as in Great Britain and other states in the European Union. Those who preferred a professional career can be found working at major newspapers, television and radio stations in the Czech Republic, as well as in the fields of advertising, public relations, marketing, and human resources.

    • Course Content

      Core courses:

      • Media and Society
      • Interpersonal Communication
      • Public Relations Principles
      • Introduction to Advertising
      • Reason & Argument
      • Organizational Communication
      • Political Communication
      • Media Law & Ethics

      Elective courses:

      • Mediation
      • Advertising Strategies
      • Sociolinguistics
      • Cultural Anthropology
      • Visual Culture
      • Marketing
      • Social Psychology
      • Organizational Behaviour
    • Prospective Career Opportunities
      • Media planner
      • Multimedia specialist
      • Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video
      • Public relations officer
      • Runner, broadcasting/film/video
      • Television/film/video producer
      • Advertising/marketing
      • Broadcast/magazine journalist
      • Editorial assistant
      • Event organiser
      • Writer


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