5 reasons to go on a Student Exchange

Exchange programs offer students limitless prospects to travel, explore new cultures, have great adventures, and enjoy many other benefits. The University of New York in Prague cooperates with other universities and colleges all over the world to give UNYP students unrivalled opportunities to expand their horizons during their academic pathway.

For many students, the prospect of studying abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities available. Study abroad has a very well-known social impact, which is why it is so popular for students aiming to enrich their lives – both academically and personally.

One UNYP student shared their thoughts from Northern Arizona University in the USA:

 “This experience of studying abroad has really broadened my horizons. Not only do you get to study within a different environment, but you get to experience so much more than you'd ever expect.”

If you are still considering a Student Exchange, we present the top five reasons why you should take this step, and experience it for yourself.


1.Global Education

While studying abroad, you will experience new ways of teaching and learning. You can use this opportunity to try out alternative methods of gaining knowledge. During the exchange programs, students learn how to think outside the box. You will open your mind to new perspectives on studying your degree specialization!

2.Make friends and explore new cultures

One of the great advantages of studying abroad is meeting new people and making new friends. While on exchange, you’ll meet a diverse range of students who come from many different backgrounds, all over the world. Exchange really gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture, experience international cuisine, celebrate traditional customs, and learn the history of another country.

3.Expand your employment opportunities

Studying abroad is not only about study experience – it can also significantly enhance your employment prospects. The experience of multiple education systems can be a great advantage for you on the job market. We all know that searching for a new job is tough if your skillset is limited, but the time you have spent studying abroad is proof that you adjust well to new environments, you are flexible, open-minded, and have a global mindset. Last but not least, learning a new language can be a huge bonus for your CV.

4.Personal development

One of the most important things that students can experience is the opportunity to grow as a person. Once you have made the decision to go on exchange, you should prepare yourself to leave your comfort zone, overcome challenges, and adapt to different situations. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will grow, you will improve your decision-making and independent thinking skills, and you will gain unforgettable life experience for your future path.

5.Increased travel opportunities

Good news for all students who are looking to travel more! It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to go to a university in Europe or any other parts of the world that UNYP offers – you will still find it easier to organize trips and explore nearby countries and regions. The chance of visiting entirely new destinations every weekend is one thing that makes exchange so exciting for many students. One tiny piece of advice: do not be afraid to do solo trips. A solo adventure can be a perfect option to recharge yourself and prepare to achieve more.


The University of New York in Prague offers a great choice of exchange programs, and all UNYP students are encouraged to consider spending a semester abroad. We believe that after learning more about the benefits of exchange, all students will seriously consider this choice.

If you want to know more about UNYP’s exchange programs and partners, you can reach out to the UNYP Center for Global Engagement (CGE).

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