Alumni Spotlight: Pavlína Samešová

Graduation: Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2011

Career: Sales and Events Manager at Červený Jelen, Prague 

“I enjoyed my studies very much, and I always think of my time at UNYP in the best way.”

What made you choose the University of New York in Prague for your degree?

The most important factor for me was that at UNYP, I could study a Business Administration major in English. I wanted to continue improving my English after studying at a high school in the US, and to learn Business English from the best professionals at UNYP. At the time, I got great recommendations from students studying at UNYP, as well as from alumni who had already started their careers and were able to evaluate the ways in which their UNYP studies had contributed to their real-life business experience.

How did you choose your specialization?

I was interested in social studies and economics at high school, so for me all of the classes in my major were a continuation of the subjects that I enjoyed during my high school studies. These subjects gave me a great perspective and had positive implications for my future life and career, which is why I majored in Business Administration.

What was your overall UNYP experience like? What did you like the most about studying at UNYP?

I enjoyed my studies very much and I always think of my time at UNYP in the best way. In addition to the progressive learning methods and emphasis on critical thinking, the international environment definitely motivated me to study even more languages. Thanks to that, I am now able to speak French and Spanish, and to take advantage of my language skills in my work as well.

Could you please introduce us briefly to your current career path? What do you love most about your work, and what are the biggest challenges you face?

After my university studies, I started to work for the Hilton Prague Hotel as a Conference and Events Executive. This is where I fell in love with event management – the field I have stayed in ever since, even during the Covid pandemic times, and which I will hopefully never ever leave. My next step was a move to Marriott International, where I acquired event sales experience in addition to the organizational dimension of event management. I gained excellent experience in event management from the international chains, and decided to proceed with my career path in the Czech Orea Hotels chain. At Orea Hotels, I applied what I had learned in previous years when I took on the assignment of founding an event booking center at the Orea Hotels headquarters. When this was completed, I accepted the challenge of creating an Event and Sales Department from scratch in the newly-opened Červený Jelen (Prague 1 in Hybernská Street) – the largest restaurant in the Czech Republic. This is my current location, where I work as the Events Sales Manager.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself? What’s next?

I would like to invite you to our restaurant Červený Jelen to taste the great food – either in your free time or if you are organizing any kind of private or corporate event in Prague.

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