Dr. David Anthony Procházka: Leading the Future of AI Ethics and Education

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) is delighted to welcome David Anthony Procházka on board as the new Dean of the School of Business. In his new role, Dr. Procházka has already represented the University of New York in Prague on various platforms as an expert in his field.  Most recently, he shared his expertise at the “Concert for the Future” event held at Wenceslas Square on November 17th. As a recognized authority on the ethics of technology and critical thinking, Dr. Procházka’s insights on the societal implications of artificial intelligence (AI) were highly anticipated.

The speech focused on three key areas:

  • AI and Education Enhancement: Dr. Procházka emphasized the urgent need for increased support for AI and education from early childhood to scientific institutions. He pointed out the risks of AI development in undemocratic regimes and the potential repercussions of inadequate support in democratic countries, such as diminished societal resilience. He concluded by recommending a balanced strategy of strong regulation and substantial support.
  • Human Experience versus Machine Deception: Dr. Procházka initiated a thought-provoking discussion about the authenticity of human experiences contrasted with the deceptive potentials of machines, highlighting the ethical challenges in the era of advanced technology.
  • Social Media Accountability: Finally, Dr. Procházka called for the responsibility for social media content to be shifted to the legal entities that operate and own these platforms. He underscored the importance of diverse opinions for the health of democracies, criticizing the tendency of media owners to prefer content that elicits strong emotional responses, which can hinder free speech and influence major societal events, including elections.

In his speech, Procházka also expressed support for Ukrainian and Israeli colleagues.

Dr. Procházka’s recent appearance on TV Nova has also provoked interest – during  a conversation on the evolving landscape of AI, a robot unexpectedly served him breakfast live on air! Dr. Procházka’s courteous and humorous response to this unforeseen event showcased his adaptability and charm, impressing both the audience and commentators. We are pleased at the success of David Anthony Procházka’s early engagements in his role as Dean of the School of Business at UNYP. We look forward to more of these insightful public appearances, highlighting his expertise and influence in the field of AI and more.

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