Enhancing Security and Safety at UNYP: A Comprehensive Approach

At the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), the safety and security of our campus and its community have always been paramount. In light of recent global events and in our ongoing commitment to providing a safe educational environment, UNYP is working on significant enhancements to our security measures and crisis management protocols.

A New Chapter in Campus Security

We have taken a decisive step forward and are ready to appoint a dedicated Safety Officer, who will spearhead the efforts to oversee and improve our campus security measures. This appointment underscores our commitment to not only addressing current security needs but also anticipating and mitigating future challenges.

Comprehensive Security Evaluation

Following a thorough evaluation of our university spaces, we will identify potential vulnerabilities and will implement strategies to address them. This process will involve a critical review of existing security protocols and an assessment of the effectiveness of our security infrastructure, ensuring that our campus is fortified against any threats.

Enhanced Crisis Communication

In response to global incidents, we have redoubled our efforts to enhance our crisis communication systems. Effective communication during a crisis is crucial, and UNYP has established multiple channels—including SMS, email, and our electronic platform—to ensure timely and efficient communication with our students and staff.

Supporting Our Students’ Well-being

Understanding the psychological impact of crisis situations, UNYP offers comprehensive psychological support to our students. This includes access to professional counseling services and initiatives like our psychological club, which promotes mental health awareness and provides a supportive community for our students.

Empowering Educators

Recognizing the critical role educators play in crisis situations, UNYP is exploring the development of initiatives aimed at enhancing faculty preparedness in safety and crisis management. In collaboration with our Safety Officer, we are considering various special trainings to equip our educators with the knowledge and skills essential for effectively responding to emergencies.

Moreover, our engagement with external security experts, including a critical briefing with the Prague Police Regional Directorate, emphasizes our proactive approach to enhancing safety measures for our university—a “soft target” within the city.

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, UNYP remains unwavering in our commitment to enhancing the safety and security of our campus. Through these comprehensive measures and the dedicated efforts of our new Safety Officer and the entire university community, we are setting a new standard for campus security that prioritizes the well-being and safety of every individual at UNYP.

Our journey towards a safer campus is ongoing, and we are confident that these measures will not only address current security needs but also adapt to future challenges, ensuring that UNYP continues to be a place where education thrives in a secure environment.

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