Predictions 2024: Communication and Media Professors Tell Us the Future

At the start of the new year we often see different media organizations releasing predictions for the upcoming year. We asked Communication and Media faculty teaching in Spring to share theirs with us, and seven were up to the challenge. See the future of the field, below. Google’s ambitious plan to phase out third-party cookies […]

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Impression Millionaires: UNYP Students Final Project Conquers the Web

In a remarkable demonstration of creativity and strategic marketing, two of our students, Matěj and Natálie, achieved viral success with their final project for the Guerrilla & Viral Marketing course. Tasked with creating a music video for the local band Ludens, they embraced the challenge, applying guerrilla and viral marketing tactics to captivate a wide […]

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Discover the World with UNYP

Your Gateway to Global Education and Cultural Immersion At the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), we believe that education is a journey, not a destination. This journey isn’t limited to textbooks and lectures; it’s an adventurous exploration across international borders, diverse cultures, and expansive horizons. With an extensive range of study abroad programs, UNYP […]

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A Vibrant Start to the Academic Year: UNYP’s Orientation Week in Review

As the golden hues of autumn settled over Prague, the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) was abuzz with excitement and anticipation during its annual Spring Orientation Week. Marking the start of the academic semester, this pivotal week offered a harmonious blend of educational sessions, cultural immersions, and social activities, setting a vibrant tone […]

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Student Spotlight: Anette Marie

Anette Marie, a vibrant and dynamic student at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), perfectly embodies the fusion of academic excellence and creative passion in the field of communications and media studies. Initially drawn to Prague by her interest in marketing and media, she has quickly distinguished herself as a dedicated student with […]

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The Communication & Media Program at UNYP 

Located in the vibrant heart of the Czech Republic, the University of New York in Prague offers a Communication & Media program. This program serves as a nurturing ground for the upcoming generation of thinkers and innovators, adept at navigating the rapidly evolving global landscape.  The program’s standout feature is its dual-degree collaboration with the […]

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Oil and Gas in Central Europe: Navigating a Year of Transformation

Turbulent Oil and Gas  – one more year of uncertainty? When the oil and gas sector caught first glimpses of the EU green deal cloud forming on the horizon, experts were predicting unstable times. Then COVID hit and the business went south due to the free fall of global travel. That was really hard we […]

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Universities Should Lead on the Plant-Based Dietary Transition

In the Lancet Planetary Health, Edel Sanders and her colleagues encourage universities to align their on-campus dining options with the latest research on the environmental impacts of food production. In addition to the planetary harms caused by animal agriculture such as the “degradation and overexploitation of ecosystems, misallocation of water and land, risk of pandemics, […]

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Personality, Social Distance and Conflicts

The subjective importance of conflicts and social distance to representatives of otherness as well as the association of both internal and external realities with the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders (AMPD) is shown in our recent study. An excerpt from our conclusion states, “Social distance is related to prejudice and racism and together with conflicts […]

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Personality Correlates of Social Attitudes and Social Distance

Sociologist Emory Bogardus introduced the concept of social distance between groups and subsequently developed the Bogardus Social Distance Scale for measuring social attitudes (1933).  The study coauthored by Dr. Edel Sanders examined the influence of personality on the level of social distance toward certain social groups by using the BSDS scale in addition to the Big […]

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