Student Spotlight: Anette Marie

Anette Marie, a vibrant and dynamic student at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), perfectly embodies the fusion of academic excellence and creative passion in the field of communications and media studies. Initially drawn to Prague by her interest in marketing and media, she has quickly distinguished herself as a dedicated student with a talent for artistic creation.

At UNYP, Anette excels academically while actively engaging in innovative projects, effectively marrying her theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world applications. Whether collaborating on music videos or partnering with brands, her journey skillfully balances educational pursuits with creative endeavors. Anette’s story is a shining example of how to seamlessly integrate a demanding academic schedule with diverse creative activities.

What initially sparked your interest in communications and media studies?

I was attracted to the marketing and media environment, so I chose it as my field of study in the Czech Republic. My aim is to acquire knowledge and apply it practically, though I’m open to where my career might lead. I have plans, but I’m excited to see what 2024 brings.

Can you share a project or piece of work you’ve done during your studies that you’re particularly proud of?

Absolutely! Last year, I worked on a project for a fictional vintage store in Kazakhstan. With my friends, I researched the market there and discovered we’d face little competition. The project was especially enjoyable as we turned it into a video, collaborating with a vintage store in Prague for clothing and space.

Could you describe what a typical study day looks like for you?

I don’t follow a specific routine, but I emphasize planning. I regularly make daily or weekly plans and diligently record everything in my calendar, as my life is filled with various activities.

Is there a particular teacher or professor who has significantly influenced your academic journey or personal growth?

Mrs. Juwana Jenkins, my first-semester English teacher, profoundly impacted me. More than just a teacher, she provided mental support, valuable advice, and helped me through difficult times.

What inspired you to start blogging, and how has your blog evolved since you began?

My journey started with dance videos on TikTok. It has since evolved to include fashion, beauty, travel, friends, and music content. This evolution marks an exciting journey of changing interests and reaching a diverse audience.

How do you manage your time between blogging, creating content for the beauty brand, and your studies?

It’s a challenging balance. I manage my responsibilities with strength and dedication, although personal time is scarce, mostly limited to when I’m unwell.

Reflecting on your time at university, what advice would you give to incoming students?

Planning well and maintaining a good schedule are crucial. Organization and time management are key to making the most of university life, especially in communication and media studies.

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