The Art of Sports Sponsorship Event recap

This month, the University of New York in Prague hosted a panel discussion on best practices in sport sponsorship at O2 Universum in Prague. The event brought together a group of experts with diverse backgrounds in the sports industry, including Matina Sablikova, a three-time Olympic winner and world champion, Petr Hercik, executive director and chairman of “SPORT INVEST”, Hana Kovarova, executive director for brand strategy and communication of KB Banka Group, and Mark Anderson, marketing director for the University of New York in Prague.

The speakers shared their personal experiences and strategies in sport sponsorship, highlighting the importance of relationships and partnerships in the industry. The panel discussed two successful case studies, the ACEMA Sparta floorball team sponsorship from Mark Anderson’s perspective and the Czech national ice hockey team sponsorship from Hanna Kovarova’s perspective.

Attendees gained valuable insights into the actual practices of sport sponsorship, including the importance of understanding the athlete’s brand and the target audience, as well as developing a clear and effective communication strategy. The discussion provided a platform for attendees to learn from the experts and ask questions about the industry.

If you were unable to attend the event in person, we invite you to view the video recording of the event. The recording captures all of the valuable information, insights, and experiences shared during the event.

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