Top five study spots in Prague

Do you feel unproductive and inefficient when studying in your room? Distracted? We know that feeling all too well, so we have selected some of our favorite places to get your head down and focus. Thanks to the diversity of our beautiful city, there are thousands of co-working spaces and venues in Prague where you can study, work, do your homework or prepare for that important presentation – it hasn’t been easy for us to narrow it down to the top five! Overall, our goal was to find places which combine a cool design and environment with that productive vibe which really gets you working.

The UNYP Library

Our number #1 choice might seem obvious – but we picked it for good reasons! The UNYP Library has two floors, and so much to offer. The quiet room will help you get your reading done in absolute silence, and there are two fully-equipped meeting rooms which are ideal for group study and team projects. Last but not least, our library offers the great benefit of free printing! However, the UNYP Library’s many advantages make it a very popular place to study. There are days when the library is overcrowded with UNYP students, especially before important deadlines and exams. So if you find that you’re too crammed in and can’t concentrate, we can recommend four of the best co-working hubs for studying.  

Node 5

Node 5 is a co-working space located in Smíchov – very easy to reach from UNYP, and very easy to find. You will find that the interior is set up to maximize productivity, as are the house rules which will be explained to you upon arrival. Inspiration and motivation are guaranteed, as the other people around push you to succeed.


Contrasting with Node 5, Opero is located near the Old Town Square, one of the most historical parts of the entire city, and has a well-designed, work-friendly interior. Even better, Opero organizes workshops which can help you grow your network of like-minded people.


K10 is probably one of the most beautiful co-working hubs that you will ever see . Located in a romantic Vinohrady villa, you will feel like royalty as you spread out your books in an elegant meeting room or the pleasant garden, although there is nothing old-fashioned about the work facilities. Since 2022, K10 has had a fully-equipped streaming studio which is rentable and up-to-date with modern technologies – perfect for Communication & Media students!


Last but not least, we are sure you have heard of WeWork. WeWork has over 700 global locations, and the Prague hub is centrally-located in Národní, just a few tram stops from UNYP. If you do not feel like sharing your table, WeWork’s private offices provide all the seclusion you need. What’s more, if you find a workspace where you are particularly productive, you are allowed to book and reserve it just for yourself. Happy studying!

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