UNYP International Relations Students in Action

A few weeks back, our students from the Model United Nations Simulation class embarked on an enlightening journey to Rome for the Model United Nations Conference. This immersive experience provided a unique platform for students to engage in diplomatic debates and address pressing global issues. 

For UNYP students, MUN is more than just an academic exercise—it’s an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world context. Representing different countries, students delved into complex geopolitical landscapes and crafted diplomatic solutions to multifaceted challenges. 

Navigating the MUN simulation wasn’t without its challenges. From drafting resolutions to responding to unexpected arguments, students honed their critical thinking and negotiation skills. As one student remarked, “It was a crash course in problem-solving.” 

Amidst the rigorous debates, students found moments of camaraderie and collaboration. Bonding with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures, they forged lasting connections and gained a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity. Another participant shared, “It was eye-opening to see how diverse perspectives can enrich the conversation.” 

Beyond the academic benefits, MUN provided students with practical skills essential for success in today’s interconnected world. Public speaking is one of them. As one student emphasized, “It helped me become a better public speaker and taught me the importance of diplomacy.” 

UNYP’s commitment to experiential learning is evident in initiatives like the Model United Nations, empowering students to become global leaders. By providing opportunities for hands-on learning and engagement, UNYP prepares students to make a meaningful impact in their future careers. 

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