Why communication is at the core of every industry

Communication is one of the most fundamental life skills, and underestimating its role in communication can have a marked negative effect on people’s lives. The communication process is not purely about talking; non-verbal actions are key for accurately delivering information. So why exactly is communication at the core of every industry?

Delivering and exchanging information is a foundation of human existence; however, acquiring good communication skills can be a difficult process. Within the developing modern technologies, communication modalities are changing, and many companies are searching for communication professionals. The UNYP Bachelor’s program in Communication and Media covers all key aspects of communication in a way that combines theoretical and practical knowledge. 

On one hand, the digital industry complicates the communication process, because so much communication is no longer face-to-face. On the other hand, the digital industry expands our horizons, bringing many positive effects such as keeping in touch with people who are far away, and opportunities to build an international business. 

Improving communication skills and effectiveness can bring many opportunities and possibilities, especially in professional life.  Body language is a major part of communication because it is perceived subconsciously: if you show a smiling face but a closed posture, you will look as if you are keeping your distance, no matter what you are saying. Gestures and postures that contradict someone’s spoken language give a dishonest impression. 

Communication is about absorbing information as well as delivering it. It is important to focus, not only on the words that you are saying yourself, but also on your interlocutor’s speech. Engaging as a listener and showing interest is a fundamental part of effective communication – not only hearing the words, but also paying attention to the non-verbal signals. Do you want to be a good listener and improve your communication skills? Learn some tips by following the TEDxUNYP talk by Mathias Durand.

“Improving communication skills is essential to find the same language with your colleagues at work and find faster and better solutions to issues that might come up” – says our Psychology student, Daniil Usachov. 

Improving communication skills can bring many benefits to your life, such as allowing you to build better personal and professional relationships. Delivering your message explicitly and assertively can help to find a better connection with the person you are talking to. 

People communicate daily in many different ways: by email, instant message, phone, face-to-face. Every type of communication requires its own skillset, and Barack Obama said, “It is important to make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds”

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