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You may have come to UNYP to earn a degree, but that’s only the start! The University of New York in Prague offers a variety of activities and services to make your stay with us both rewarding and fulfilling. The Student Affairs Office will take care of you from your arrival on the first day, through individual counselling during your studies on academic and personal matters, up to assistance and guidance in achieving your career goals that will continue even after your graduation.

We believe that it is very important that students pursue and enjoy activities outside the classroom, such as sports, fitness, cultural and social events and trips. We take a proactive approach to extracurricular activities, and are always happy to provide the necessary assistance. We encourage UNYP students to develop their own clubs, societies, and events or to become more involved with the Student Council that represents all UNYP students.

How can we help you?

  • The International Office advises and assists international students with issues such as visa registration, visa renewal and health insurance
  • We help students find accommodation and housing opportunities
  • You can enjoy free access to sporting facilities or join university sports teams.
  • We provide all UNYP students with a free combined UNYP – ISIC student card, which allows them to easily enter school facilities, and make use of a wide range of school services, benefits, and special offers.
  • We arrange additional benefits and discounts for all UNYP students within our Benefits Program
  • We co-organize and sponsor events and activities in cooperation with the Student Council
  • The Career Office organizes seminars, workshops, corporate visits, career days, internship and job postings
  • Our Alumni network is a great resource for UNYP graduates, providing them with access to a wide variety of events and activities, plus benefits on the basis of their UNYP Alumni ID card

Come and find us!

We pride ourselves on our friendly and responsive service and personalized attention to our students and graduates. The Student Affairs staff are ready to take care of your needs in every area and offer assistance on any issue. We also serve as an information and referral center. If you need any help and are not sure where to turn or whom to contact, please feel free to call us or stop by our office on the 4th floor.

We are open from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays, and you can also contact us by email at and join us on Facebook:

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