Alexander Raiman

Graduation: Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2008
Career: Chief Operating Officer, Keastone

Alex Raiman joined Keastone January 1st 2016 as COO, to build out international business operations for the team and support the next round of funding. He met both founders (Keith Adams and Jeff Medeiros) through a seminar he was giving in one of Jeff`s classes roughly two years ago (“Scaling a global SaaS startup.”). They started the conversation, about him potentially joining in August 2016, and he handed in his resignation at Socialbakers end of September last year.

Alex had a great job at Socialbakers, and the decision to change was a tough one. What attracted him to work with the Keastone team is their strong vision. He does believe in the unique opportunity of changing the digital experience of individual users. “Keith designed a platform that will enable all of us to perform at extraordinary higher levels.” Through a unique user interface and leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies, he as an individual user, will have the same privileged access to information as any corporate executive for the last 20 years. This is a powerful cause! More than 2 billion people today have their day shaped by their digital experience. Exactly this experience will change very soon!

Another aspect was very attractive.  The challenge of building out an international team within a very short period of time in Bengaluru, Prague and San Francisco. It is quite an undertaking. But Alex is very happy for this move, as the opportunity to work with two very experienced tech entrepreneurs straight from the Silicon Valley and a high-octane technical team in India is something I could not possibly refuse.

“It is a lot of adrenaline right now, as everything has to be setup. There is quite a difference to my last position at Socialbakers, after all it is a 300+ people organization today. I chose the mantra “Move fast but think before you act!” to remind me daily how I have to operate for next 6 months. I am also learning Hindi slang, the first word is “yaar”, which stands for “mate”.”

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