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Petr Zima
Petr Zima
Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2003
Head of MINI at BMW Group Czech Republic
"I really appreciated that University of New York in Prague provided a well-balanced mix of scholars and top professionals in its faculty,"
Amit Grinvald
Amit Grinvald
Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2016
Head of Accounting and Operations at Keastone
"Many UNYP professors are not just academics; they run businesses and companies and have extensive networks of their previous students in their respective industries."
Nela Sotonová
Nela Sotonová
Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2010
Project Manager at Komerční banka & Founder of Designeros
"Learning in English was a valuable asset for me while studying for my bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, the English proficiency that I gained at UNYP helped me to earn my MBA at FIU in the United States. However, the presentation skills that I acquired helped me the most. We wrote a lot of essays at UNYP, and now, I am able to write articles and emails in English without thinking about them too much."
Dominika Janigová
Dominika Janigová
Bachelor of Professional Communication & PR, class of 2010
PR & Marketing manager, Fource Entertainment
"Studying at UNYP gave me a good basis in time management and cooperation with people. The school taught me to understand that different people see things differently, that sometimes somebody can be irresponsible, the importance of tolerance…and this helps me today."
Albert Ballardini
Albert Ballardini
MBA in Entrepreneurship, class of 2014
CEO and founder, Go Fit
"If UNYP hadn’t been there, I don’t know if I’d have done it,” Albert Ballardini says. “All the ideas came to me when doing the MBA."

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