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Mladen Grebo
Mladen Grebo
Bachelor of Communication & Mass Media, class of 2004
Partner, Strategic Planner at Goodkin
"When you have more diverse people, the environment suddenly becomes livelier, and this generates a lot of new ideas. If you have only one nationality, everything tends to be stereotypical. UNYP is a good place to experience diversity; you get enriched by other cultures, other habits and points of view. When you put all that together, you become much more cultured, and you have a much broader worldview. Everybody should experience this at some point in their life. Because once you have the broader picture, you embrace the good and don’t fear the bad."
Alexander Raiman
Alexander Raiman
Business Administration, Class of 2008
Founder and Partner at Saleshero
"UNYP supports ambitious people who are interested in building an international career, and if you want to make money, a UNYP degree is definitely a great help. UNYP students have two big advantages: they know a lot of people, and they speak many languages – including perfect English!"
João Duarte
João Duarte
MBA in Entrepreneurship, class of 2015
CEO at & Co-Founder at Hagen Human Capital
"Highly experienced faculty as one of UNYP’s most valuable assets, particularly many of the professors’ extensive industry background, meaning they can bring not just theoretical knowledge but plenty of practical experience as well."
Martin Pavlíček
Martin Pavlíček
MBA in Marketing, class of 2012
Managing Director, Havas Worldwide Prague
"Some of the biggest benefits of studying at UNYP are the contacts one gains, and the ‘mutually beneficial relations’. Not just with student colleagues, but also with professors. You meet people here from many countries, you learn from each other and this immensely enriches you."
Steven Trottier
Steven Trottier
M.Sc. in International Management, class of 2018
Director of temporary recruitment, TAG Recruitment Group
"During my studies at UNYP, I had a chance to meet and befriend people from all over the world. Even in our relatively small class, we had representatives from almost every continent!"

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