A Vibrant Start to the Academic Year: UNYP’s Orientation Week in Review

As the golden hues of autumn settled over Prague, the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) was abuzz with excitement and anticipation during its annual Spring Orientation Week. Marking the start of the academic semester, this pivotal week offered a harmonious blend of educational sessions, cultural immersions, and social activities, setting a vibrant tone for both new and returning students.

Day 1: A Warm Welcome and Essential Information

The week began with a series of sessions designed to warmly welcome students into their new academic journey. Highlights included Ice Breakers, fostering new connections among students, and informative sessions like ‘Documents for Visiting Students’, which provided vital information for their stay in the city, and ‘Introduction to Prague’, offering insights into the local environment.

Day 2: Cultural Immersion and Academic Preparation

The second day immersed students in Czech culture. Sessions on Czech Language and History/Culture enriched students’ understanding of their host country. The day culminated in a unique Prague Scavenger Hunt and a delightful ‘Welcoming Pancakes’ session, offering a perfect mix of exploration and indulgence.

Day 3: Engaging Activities and Creative Expression

The Club Fair provided an opportunity for students to explore various student-led organizations. Tote Bags Painting and Cupcakes Decoration sessions unleashed their artistic potential, fostering creativity and community spirit among the attendees.

Continuous Learning and Engagement

In addition to these events, the week included practical sessions like ‘Safety Instructions,’ ‘Visa/Traveling for Visiting Students,’ and a comprehensive ‘Technology at UNYP’ workshop. ‘Library Orientation’ equipped students with invaluable resources, ensuring they are well-prepared for their academic endeavors.

The orientation week concluded on a high note, with the freshers heading out for a group bowling event. This fun and casual outing was a perfect way for new students to bond, relax, and wrap up a week filled with learning, cultural experiences, and socializing.

With the energy and enthusiasm from Orientation Week still lingering in the air, the University of New York in Prague is poised for an inspiring and productive academic year ahead.

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