Bachelor of Psychology at UNYP: A Student’s Perspective 

Introducing Harshita Hooja, a recent graduate from the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), where she earned her Bachelor’s in Human Development with a focus on psychology. As she transitions to a Master’s program, Harshita offers insights into her unique educational journey. This spotlight article delves into her experiences, aspirations, and the valuable advice she has for future UNYP students.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what degree you earned, and what motivated you to pursue this field of study?

Hi! My name is Harshita. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development, with a focus on psychology, from UNYP. My interest in this field started back in high school as I was actively exploring who I was. This curiosity grew into a deep appreciation for the complexity of the mind, behavior, and consciousness in both humans and animals. As a result, I felt naturally driven to pursue this degree.

Were there any professors or mentors who had a significant impact on your academic and personal growth?

Professor Agopian’s courses in Cognition, along with Dr. Butzer’s Positive Psychology, sparked my interest and encouraged me to delve deeper into the applications of psychology.

Did you participate in any research projects, internships, or study abroad programs or student clubs? How did these opportunities contribute to your learning and future career plans?

During my cognition class, I co-wrote a research paper on the impact of veganism on mood and memory, which was later published in the conference proceedings of the UNYP ISRC conference. This experience provided me with hands-on knowledge in quantitative research design and deepened my understanding of the interconnectedness of our environment. It also ignited a curiosity to discover novel associations and patterns as a young researcher.

What are some of the key skills or lessons you learned at university that you believe will be valuable in your personal and professional life?

My time at UNYP, enriched by its diverse environment, provided me with a solid foundation in psychology and research design. It also granted me deeply insightful experiences with social media and community building, particularly in my role as part of the Student Council’s PR team.

Can you tell us about your journey at UNYP? What were some of your most memorable experiences during your time on campus?

Some of my most memorable experiences at UNYP were during our weekly Student Council meetings. The process of creative collaboration with my colleagues, the organized chaos of event planning, and the thrill of seeing our ideas come to life were moments of creative bliss. Additionally, the opportunity to pursue individual projects, such as hosting the AskUNYPers interviews as the Public Relations Manager, was uniquely empowering.

What are your career aspirations or future academic plans?

I am enrolled in a Master’s program focused on User Experience. I am particularly interested in the user experience of social media apps, the gamification of learning tools, and digital transformation for social welfare. I envision a career in this field.

Looking back, what advice would you give to current and future students at UNYP to make the most of their college experience?

I would advise both new and returning psychology students not to hesitate to explore interests beyond the traditional therapy route. Pursuing interdisciplinary applications of psychology by enrolling in electives that resonate with you and forming innovative connections can be a fantastic starting point.

Finally, where do you see yourself in the next five years, and what do you hope to achieve in your career or personal life?

I see myself building a rewarding career in User Experience, focusing on the psychological elements of design thinking. I aim to work on projects—both digital and real-world—that satisfy my desire for innovative, creative problem-solving.

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