Career Days 2023

Last week, the University of New York in Prague hosted a Career Days Week aimed at providing students with valuable resources and insights to prepare them for entering the job market. The event featured a range of activities, including individual CV reviews, interactive workshops, and informative lectures, all designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the increasingly competitive job landscape.

One of the highlights of the week was the opportunity for students to have their CVs individually reviewed by experts from ManGroup, a leading professional HR company. The sessions allowed students to receive personalized feedback on their CVs, identify areas for improvement, and learn how to create a compelling CV that stands out to potential employers.

In addition to the CV review sessions, students were also invited to attend workshops focused on the interview process. These sessions provided invaluable tips and insights into how to approach interviews with confidence, handle challenging questions, and effectively showcase their skills and qualifications to potential employers.

The Careers Week also catered to the needs of international students living and working in the Czech Republic, with a lecture session presented by This session offered practical advice and guidance on navigating the local job market, understanding the process of getting a work visa and overcoming language barriers.

Another essential component of Career Days Week was a lecture on the importance of LinkedIn as a professional networking platform. Students were educated on how to create an impactful LinkedIn profile, effectively network with industry professionals, and utilize the platform for job searches and personal branding.

The pinnacle of the event was the Job Fair, which saw 12 top companies in the Czech Republic in attendance. This provided students with the unique opportunity to engage with potential employers, learn about various industries, and discover job openings that aligned with their interests and qualifications.

UNYP firmly believes in the importance of supporting its students in finding job opportunities and ensuring their success in the professional world. We invite all our students and alumni to visit UNYP Career Office to learn more about the resources and services we offer and let us help you achieve your career goals.

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