Czech Floorball and UNYP join forces for upcoming playoffs

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) is partnering with Czech Floorball to broadcast the upcoming Livesport Superliga playoffs. This cooperation will improve the quality of broadcasts from the Czech Republic’s most elite floorball league, and additionally bring the playoff matches to the Czech Television (ČT) HbbTV platform. 

“We have done a lot of work on streaming floorball matches in recent years, improving both the streaming services and the content. All of the clubs in the Livesport Superliga have taken great strides in updating their approach to broadcasting, while continually learning about how to reach and appeal to an audience. In these unprecedented times, which force us to play without live spectators, we want to bring the peak of the season to all our fans, in the best possible quality. Thanks to this partnership with the University of New York in Prague, we can support the clubs and bring the matches to an even wider audience via the HbbTV platform,” explains Roman Urbář, Marketing and Communication Director of Czech Floorball, highlighting the benefits of the partnership with UNYP.

Czech Floorball continues to deliver on the commitment that it made several years ago – to constantly improve the quality of Livesport Superliga broadcasts. Most of the season has been played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus measures, but this restriction has boosted the involvement of commentators, who are now a standard part of every game. Some clubs are now making creative use of the time before matches and during breaks, bringing interesting content to the audience, which increases the viewership of the matches.

UNYP aims to support the production of floorball broadcasting in order to provide top-quality streaming for the peak of the season while targeting young people within the floorball community who might be interested in the new UNYP degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management. “We are happy to work with Czech Floorball and support its work in the field of video broadcasting. Fans deserve to watch the peak of the season in the best possible quality, and I believe that most teams will use this opportunity. This partnership is also beneficial for us, giving us new opportunities to approach Livesport Superliga fans. We are trying to implement another channel to reach our target audience, in addition to our long-term partnership on a club level,” commented Mark Anderson, Marketing Director at UNYP

As the leading English-language university in the Czech Republic, UNYP has offered American and Czech degrees in Prague for more than 20 years. UNYP is a long-term partner of floorball through the sponsorship of the Sparta Floorball team, the UNYP Arena, and the UNYP Cup.

Livesport Superliga playoffs start on Saturday, March 27, and you can watch all of the games on the Czech floorball video platform. Featured games will also be broadcast on ČT Sport TV channel and HbbTV ČT.

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