Highlights from Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2023

Last month, the University of New York in Prague hosted a significant event in the field of behavioral sciences: the Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2023 (#PCBS23). This year’s conference was particularly notable for featuring Catherine Eckel as the keynote speaker and the laureate of the Allais Memorial Prize in Behavioral Sciences, an honor bestowed upon distinguished contributors to the field.

The conference covered a wide array of topics, showcasing the depth and diversity of current research in behavioral sciences. Among the many insightful talks, a few stood out for their unique perspectives and innovative approaches.

Shubhaa Bhattacharyya presented on “An Experimental Approach Towards Correcting Behavioural Biases in Screen Time Use,” exploring the growing concern of digital device overuse and the psychological mechanisms behind it. This talk was particularly relevant in our increasingly digitalized world, where screen time is a crucial aspect of daily life for many.

Rinet Bosman’s presentation, “Behavioural Design in Practice: Insights from Global Practitioners,” provided practical insights into the application of behavioral sciences in real-world settings. This talk was of immense value for professionals seeking to integrate behavioral science principles into their work.

Rene Calandria’s talk on “Immigration and the Threat to Identity” delved into the psychological impact of immigration on both immigrants and host communities. This topic is especially pertinent given the global rise in migration and its social and political implications.

“The Buy-In Effect: When Increasing Initial Effort Motivates Behavioral Follow-Through,” by Holly Dykstra, offered a fascinating look at how initial effort investment can influence long-term behavior, a principle that has broad applications in areas such as health, education, and business.

These presentations, among others, underscored the conference’s role as a crucible for innovative ideas and discussions in the field of behavioral sciences. The event not only provided a platform for leading experts to share their research but also fostered collaboration and inspiration among attendees, furthering the advancement of this vital field.

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