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When you’re studying at any university, have you ever stopped and thought who manages the university life for students on campus? At UNYP a big part of that job of the Student Council. Comprised of nine students, the Student Council organizes movie nights, barbecues, and so much more while also acting as the student body’s liaison to the university’s administration.

Elisabeth Eloy, a Communications and Mass Media major and the new Student Council President, took some time to chat with us about what it feels like to have this new responsibility, her goals for this semester and why students should care about the Student Council.

What makes UNYP’s Student Council unique?

I wouldn’t say we are different than other schools or better, it all depends on the team, which is entirely voted by students. The Student Council represents the entire university, not only some majors, such as only Communications and Mass Media and not Business, I have never been to a different university, so I cannot say how different we are, but what I can say certainly is that we are a team.

How does it feel to be the new Student Council president?

Honestly, I still feel the same. (laughs) I think it will just push me to achieve more and work harder.

Why did the other students pick you?

I think the other members of the Student Council picked me because they trust me and they know I’m not afraid to speak up.

What do you want to achieve while president?

We want to organize more events that bring students together and build trust, such as UNYP Day. UNYP Day was all about hanging out at school and having fun. We played video games and board games and ordered about 25 pizzas throughout the day. It was great.

After our first meeting held last week after the long winter break, we have decided to create a similar event to UNYP Day but held all week. It will be an event that will improve the UNYP spirit and unity with different activities and events. But there other important things that we as the Student Council want to achieve, such as improve scholarships for students, improve the working environment inside the university. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

What extracurricular activities would you recommend to students?

There are activities in all areas, depending on the student’s interests. There is everything from the UNYP creativity club to the Blazers football team.

We encourage students to try as many different things, for example, if you’re interested in the Student Council, come to our meetings to find out more (see the weekly schedule), or simply send us a motivational letter and become an associate.

Why are you studying at UNYP?

The main reason I picked UNYP was because it offers American and European Bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Mass Media, a major that opens so many doors that I haven’t encountered anywhere else.

Why should students care about their Student Council?

Because we are here for them! We do things to make the university life better for everyone. Students should care about the Student Council as it is a part of their University. If you care enough about your studies and you care enough about doing anything that could improve it, then you also care about the Student Council.

What are your main responsibilities?

My responsibilities are mainly administrative. I preside over the meetings and serve as the representative to the university’s administration. Otherwise, I do anything and everything I can.

What are you planning on doing after graduation?

I am planning on getting a Masters degree in Communication. I don't know what specialty yet, but I'm definitely staying with communication and I want to travel as much as I can.

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