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“Being elected by my peers was exciting and filled me with a sense of resolve” – we talk to incoming student council president John Paul LoGiudice

The UNYP student elections for the positions of President, Vice President, Events Manager, PR Manager, and council members are now over, and the new members have been elected. The new president is John Paul LoGiudice, known as JP. We sat down to talk to him about his campaign, his reaction to being elected, and how he plans to fulfill his campaign promises.

Tell us about your pre-election adventure. What was your campaign plan, and what do you think was the key to your victory?

My plan was to speak truthfully about what I’d like to do for the students of UNYP, and how the council can enrich their college experience. One key event of this campaign season was the democratization of the Student Council elections. I worked with other students to propose and pass the Tenth Amendment to the Student Council in late March 2022. This Amendment meant that UNYP students could directly elect their President, Vice President, Events Manager, and Public Relations Manater for the first time (as far as I know), thus moving the process away from an internal selection and towards an external election. This Amendment, a positive upbeat outlook, and an approachable attitude are what I believe helped propel me to victory.

What was it like being elected? Do you remember your feelings right after it was announced? Did you celebrate?

Being selected by my peers was exciting and filled me with a sense of resolve. I celebrated by thanking those who helped me on this journey.

Now, that you are the president, what are your plans for this semester? How are you planning to implement the program which you proposed during your campaign?

As we move into the Fall 2022 semester, part of my agenda is to pursue a policy of bringing students together via university events and clubs, and increased awareness of campus realities. Furthermore, I would like to abandon the negative aspects of student life that were brought on by COVID, and make sure we come out of this pandemic even stronger. Making full use of all that the city of Prague has to offer will only help to foster this attitude. Finally, I would like to pursue a policy of openness and approachability; students should feel able to suggest ideas to us at any time. As representatives of the students, I will make all efforts to provide for this type of open structure. To achieve our aims, the importance of coordinating with the rest of the Student Council and our student body as a whole is paramount. Communication is and always will be the key here.

Lastly, do you have any message you would like to share with your fellow students?

My message to the student body: I am humbled and grateful that you have elected me as your Student Council President for the 2022-2023 school year. I will work tirelessly and rigorously to ensure that this University is a home for us all. Despite pandemics, invasions, and global turmoil, we will continue. I will not let you down!

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