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Ms. Nataliia Bogachova, a member of Association of European Journalists, published an interview with Tanu Muino, a well-known music video…
22.2.2024 Alumni Spotlight: Amit Grinvald
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Marina Strekha
Marina Strekha
Communication & Mass Media, class of 2017
Business owner, MÁDO Concept Boutique
"I had heard a lot of positive feedback about UNYP and its instructors who are professionals with great experience, which I can confirm now. The classes were useful and engaging with interesting projects, which I really enjoyed!"
Václav Vítek
Václav Vítek
MBA, Management cestovního ruchu, ročník 2007
Bakalář v oboru Mezinárodní a evropská ekonomika, ročník 2004
Generální ředitel, Quissisana Services s.r.o.
„Lidé studující na University of New York in Prague nejsou číšníci, většinou jsou to vůdci,“ říká Vítek. „Pokud hledáte studijní program,…
Martin Šimonek
Martin Šimonek
International Economic Studies, class of 2006
"UNYP provides its students with a great deal of self-appreciation and belief in one’s own abilities. Thanks to UNYP’s approach and philosophy, and the way in which its highly-professional staff pass their practical knowledge and skills onto students, graduates enter the real world armed with the confidence that allows them to achieve great things. Having this degree was a condition for me to study in the UK, and UNYP made the process of getting enrolled at the LSE very smooth."
Matouš Hartman
Matouš Hartman
Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2018
Co-Founder at Lipa Care
"My time at UNYP was great. What I liked was the emphasis on practical skills (communication, public speaking, teamwork), rather than textbook definitions – not what a typical university in this country teaches you!"
Mladen Grebo
Mladen Grebo
Bachelor of Communication & Mass Media, class of 2004
Partner, Strategic Planner at Goodkin
"When you have more diverse people, the environment suddenly becomes livelier, and this generates a lot of new ideas. If you have only one nationality, everything tends to be stereotypical. UNYP is a good place to experience diversity; you get enriched by other cultures, other habits and points of view. When you put all that together, you become much more cultured, and you have a much broader worldview. Everybody should experience this at some point in their life. Because once you have the broader picture, you embrace the good and don’t fear the bad."

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