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Anton Kozych
Anton Kozych
MBA General Management (2009-2011)
Investment Committee Member at REIT-CZ
"Coming to Prague as a foreigner, I saw an MBA program at UNYP as an excellent opportunity for making local and international connections, and some of them grew into serious friendships."
Amit Grinvald
Amit Grinvald
Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2016
Head of Accounting and Operations at Keastone
"Many UNYP professors are not just academics; they run businesses and companies and have extensive networks of their previous students in their respective industries."
Tomáš Bártek
Tomáš Bártek
MBA in Project Management, class of 2012
Marketing Director, Maternia
"UNYP MBA program structured the knowledge I had prior and the knowledge I gained during my studies to prepared a good base for management"
Marina Strekha
Marina Strekha
Communication & Mass Media, class of 2017
Business owner, MÁDO Concept Boutique
"I had heard a lot of positive feedback about UNYP and its instructors who are professionals with great experience, which I can confirm now. The classes were useful and engaging with interesting projects, which I really enjoyed!"
Matouš Hartman
Matouš Hartman
Bachelor of Business Administration, class of 2018
Co-Founder at Lipa Care
"My time at UNYP was great. What I liked was the emphasis on practical skills (communication, public speaking, teamwork), rather than textbook definitions – not what a typical university in this country teaches you!"

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