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Prepare for career advancement with the Evidence Based Marketing Academy

The Evidence-Based Marketing Academy (EBMA), at the University of New York in Prague, is a groundbreaking Executive Education Life-Long Learning program designed to transform the field of marketing in the Czech Republic. This initiative, developed in collaboration with the Marketing Council which was established under the Association of Communication Agencies of the Czech Republic and supported by the insights of internationally seasoned experts, offers an unparalleled opportunity for experienced marketers, who aspire to elevate their careers and deepen their expertise with the most advanced marketing and PR strategies.

What is the Evidence-Based Marketing Academy?

This program is rooted in the application of evidence-based marketing principles, focusing on leveraging real-world data and the latest scientific findings to achieve more efficient and effective marketing outcomes. It also brings the practical wisdom of industry leaders with cutting-edge international experiences.

Who is it for?

Tailored for experienced marketers, the EBMA Life-Long Learning program is perfect for those looking to bolster their position within their organizations. It is an ideal choice for professionals seeking to complement their higher education with specialized knowledge in contemporary marketing practices.

Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into subjects like marketing leadership, brand and market growth strategies, marketing and communication strategies, research, and public relations. The course is designed to cover all aspects of strategic marketing, showcasing its application through examples of world-class work.
  • Expert Faculty: Learn from the giants of Czech marketing, including names like Josef Havelka, Jakub Petřina, Štefan Sarvaš, Steffan Saemann, Jan Suda, and Rostislav Starý, along with other prominent figures, such as Sotiris Karagiannis and Juwana Jenkins from UNYP, ensuring a rich learning experience with practical  relevance.
  • International Perspective: The academy not only brings key insights from global marketing to the Czech Republic but also demonstrates how to apply these lessons practically, providing students with the skills to turn marketing into a pivotal function within their companies.
  • Interactive and Intensive Format: The program unfolds over 10 two-day sessions (Friday and Saturday), ensuring an engaging and comprehensive educational experience. With a maximum capacity of 25 students per year, the course promises interactive learning and personalized attention.

Learn well-rounded evidence based marketing from known marketing leaders in the field

Application Details:

Prospective students are required to submit a CV and a motivation letter as part of their application process, highlighting their interest in the program and how they believe it will benefit their career.

Key Information:

  • Start Date: April 27th
  • Duration: 128 hours of face-to-face delivery over 10 two-day blocks
  • Program Fee: 62,000 CZK
  • Apply online

The EBMA at UNYP is not just a Life-Long Learning program; it is a transformative journey designed for marketing leaders who are ready to embrace the future of marketing. With limited spots available, we encourage interested candidates to apply early and secure their place in this program. Unlock the full potential of your marketing career with the Evidence-Based Marketing Academy.

The EBMA curriculum covers a wide range of topics crucial for today’s marketing leaders, led by distinguished experts in the field.

For more information on the EBMA program only or how to apply please contact us here:

Sotiris Karagianis
Director of Graduate Studies in Business and Psychology at UNYP

Juwana Jenkins
Executive Director of Charisma International

Štefan Sarvaš
Internal Growth Consultant in Mars Strategy

Jakub Petřina
PPF Group Head of Brand Strategy

Steffen Saemann
Marketing Director CZ & SK at Tchibo

Josef Havelka
Contagious Praha, former Marketing Director at Česká spořitelna

Jan Suda
Media & Channels Strategist at McCann Prague

Rostislav Starý
Partner in the Konektor communication group

Induction & Opening: The Essence of Marketing Leadership

  • Role of Marketing and Marketing Leaders in an Organization: Exploring the pivotal role marketing plays and the evolution of the marketing leader’s role.
  • Quality Growth and Key Functions of Marketing Leaders: Unpacking the essential responsibilities and contributions of marketing leaders towards achieving sustainable growth.
  • Future of Marketing Role: Anticipating changes and preparing for the future landscape of marketing.
  • Lecturers: Sotiris Karagianis, Jakub Petřina

Leadership: Cultivating Excellence

  • Developing Personal Leadership Brand: Crafting a personal leadership identity and setting SMART goals for personal development.
  • Leading Others: Strategies for motivation, change management, and fostering a culture rooted in autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
  • Lecturers: Sotiris Karagianis, Juwana Jenkins

Growth Philosophy: Foundation and Strategies

  • Evidence-Based Marketing Approaches: A deep dive into the methodologies of Kotler, Sharp, Ritson, Field, and others.
  • Growth Principles, Quality Growth, Growth Strategies: Understanding the fundamentals of sustainable and quality growth.
  • Lecturer: Štefan Sarvaš

Marketing Strategy: From Definition to Execution

  • Defining Marketing Strategy: The significance, benefits, and process of setting up a robust marketing strategy including objectives.
  • Executing Marketing Strategy: Techniques for building mental and physical availability, planning, budgeting and marketing mix.
  • Lecturer: Steffen Saemann

Innovation: Driving Growth

  • The Role of Innovation in Growth: Balancing core offerings with innovative solutions and navigating the innovation process and strategies.
  • Lecturer: Štefan Sarvaš

Market Research & Insights: Understanding the Marketplace

  • Market, Customer, Brand Analysis and Trends: Techniques for measuring and tracking the execution of marketing strategies.
  • Lecturer: Štefan Sarvaš

Communication Strategy: Creation and Implementation

  • Defining Communication Strategy: Principles of effective communication, creativity, engagement levels, and capturing attention.
  • Executing Communication Strategy: Media strategies, generating reach, planning for attention, effectiveness, and calculating media ROI.
  • Lecturers: Josef Havelka, Jan Suda

Public Relations: Managing Brand Reputation

  • PR Fundamentals: Overview of public relations, from briefing to execution, and managing reputation risks.
  • Lecturer: Rostislav Starý

Market Research & Insights in Communication

  • Communication Testing and Tracking, ROI: Evaluating communication efforts and understanding their impact.
  • Lecturer: Štefan Sarvaš

Closing Reflections: Personal and Professional Growth

  • Reflecting on the Journey: Assessing personal growth, development plans, and envisioning the future as a marketing leader.
  • Lecturer: Jakub Petřina

The curriculum for the Evidence-Based Marketing Academy is designed to provide a holistic and impactful educational experience, empowering participants to lead and innovate in the marketing field with confidence.

27.4.Induction & Opening: Role of marketing and marketing leaders in an organization, quality growth, key functions of marketing leaders, future of marketing role8Sotiris Karagianis  / Jakub Petřina
17.5.Growth philosophy: Evidence based marketing approaches, Kotler / Sharp / Ritson / Field etc. 8Štefan Sarvaš
18.5.Growth philosophy: Growth principles, quality growth, growth strategies8Štefan Sarvaš
7.6.Leadership: Developing personal leadership brand-setting SMART goals for personal development8Sotiris Karagiannis
8.6.Leadership: Leading others -motivation and change management-building a culture of autonomy-mastery-purpose8Juwana Jenkins
28.6.Marketing strategy definition: Overview and benefits of marketing strategy, setting marketing objectives, segmentation, pricing 8Steffen Saemann
29.6.Marketing execution: Building mental and physical availability, planning, budgeting, marketing mix, sales activation, optimization 8Steffen Saemann
6.9.Innovation: The role of innovation in growth, core vs innovation, innovation process, innovation strategies8Štefan Sarvaš
7.9.Market research & insights: Market, customer, brand analysis and trends, measuring and tracking mktg strategy execution8Štefan Sarvaš
20.9Communication strategy definition: Communication, creativity, high and low involvment com, attention 8Josef Havelka
21.9.Communication strategy definition: Briefing, managing agencies8Josef Havelka
4.10.Communication strategy execution: Media, reach, planning for attention and effectiveness / ROI8Jan Suda
5.10.Communication strategy execution: Media, reach, planning for attention and effectiveness / ROI8Jan Suda
18.10.PR: Definition, briefing, execution, managing reputation risks8Rostislav Starý
19.10.Market research & insights in communication: Communication testing and tracking, ROI8Štefan Sarvaš
9.11.Reflection on Academy and meeting development plans-next steps -where am I as a marketing leader?8Jakub Petřina

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