About Prague

Prague is an ancient crossroads of culture, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and still a little off the beaten path for many.  Prague’s cobblestoned streets, lined with colorful and ornate 19th-century buildings, will lead you to countless cafés, museums, galleries, shops, parks, and monuments.  In Prague, you will find an incredible blend of old and new, a rich history that is right before your eyes. 

Not only is Prague famously beautiful it is also very safe.  The Global Peace Index ranked the Czech Republic as the 6th safest country in the world in its 2016 report.

The city of Prague provides an excellent environment for living, learning, and expanding your horizons. Best of all, UNYP is located right in the heart of this wonderful city!

About UNYP

At UNYP, all of the classes are taught in English. Study alongside other UNYP and study abroad students in courses within Business Administration, Communication & Media, International Relations, Psychology, and a wide range of courses in the social sciences, humanities, economics, finance, and arts.  UNYP’s courses and degrees are accredited by American, Czech and British accreditation authorities.

UNYP’s internationally diverse faculty consists of 125 members from 25 different countries.  With an overall student population of approximately 1,000 students from over 60 different countries, UNYP also boasts a very international student body.  Besides, a 1:9 faculty to student ratio offers small class sizes to emphasize dynamic and engaged learning.  Involvement in student clubs offers an opportunity to make an impact on the Czech community.

UNYP’s campus is situated in Vinohrady – a quiet, upscale neighborhood in central Prague.  Our facilities combine 19th-century architectural charm with 21st-century teaching and technology, and a full university administration is dedicated to supporting its students to the highest possible standard.

Students who study abroad at UNYP jump right into this vibrant experience and the UNYP community welcomes them warmly. Check out our Study Abroad students testimonials.

International Teaching Week at UNYP: A Global Academic Exchange

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) recently proudly hosted International Teaching Week, an event that brought together professors from prime institutions across the globe. This year, we had the honor of welcoming academics from Webster College, Austria; the University of Valencia; European University Cyprus; and IPAG Business School Paris. By hosting such events […]

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Expand Your Horizons with UNYP

At the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), we believe that education extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. Through our robust study abroad programs, we empower students to explore, learn, and grow in diverse international settings, enriching their academic journey and broadening their horizons. One such student, Tram Anh Nguyenová, recently returned […]

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Capturing Dreams: CGE Photo Exhibition Promotes Study Abroad Opportunities

In a celebration of diversity and the endless possibilities that studying abroad offers, the recent CGE Photo Exhibition was a resounding success. This event brought together students, educators, and the community to showcase the beauty of different cultures and share the endless opportunities for international education. The CGE Photo Exhibition was not just an ordinary […]

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Unlocking the Power of the Blurting Method: Say It as It Comes!

Have you ever been in a lecture or study group and had an idea pop into your mind, but you held back from sharing it, out of fear that it might be ‘irrelevant’ or ‘silly’? You’re not alone! But what if we told you that there’s a method to this seeming madness? Dive in to […]

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5 must-have study apps for every student

In a tech-driven world, traditional pens and paper are making way for digital tools that offer far more than simple note-taking. As a student at a premier institution, you are not only competing with your peers in the classroom, but with a global community of bright minds. Diligence is not enough to thrive in a […]

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Live and learn: the benefits of a semester abroad

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime prospect that can greatly enhance your education and personal growth. There are many benefits of studying abroad, some of which we explore below, and students should strongly consider taking advantage of this opportunity. One of the most obvious benefits of studying abroad is cultural exploration. Being immersed in a new […]

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Inspiring students in Prague: a living museum

A few days ago I decided to sort out all the books around my desk, bed and sofa and put them back on the bookshelves where they belong (according to my wife, in any case). While doing so, I found three little volumes that I bought many years ago and then promptly forgot about; guidebooks […]

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CONVERA – The quick and easy way to pay your international tuition fees

Here at the University of New York in Prague, we are proud to provide our students with the best benefits and tools, so that they can focus on their academic pathway. We now support CONVERA which helps you to make payments in the currency of your choice without extra fees or delays.  This fast and reliable payments […]

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Prague ranked in the Campus Advisor’s Top Ten Student-Friendly Cities

The Campus Advisor has recently published an article ranking the top thirty most student-friendly cities in the world. According to the survey, Prague is in seventh place, with an overall score of 4.40 out of 5. What makes a city attractive to international students? The survey scored university cities on six criteria: Student Friendliness (4.74), […]

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Erasmus and beyond: students share their exchange experiences

Spending a semester or two abroad can be an exciting experience for every student, and taking part in the European Union’s Erasmus program is an amazing way to expand your horizons. In addition to Erasmus, UNYP cooperates with many universities located in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.  We understand the value of an […]

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