Student Spotlight: Be Ha Nguyen

Influencers are often judged for what they do, and influencing is seldom taken seriously as a career option – especially when it comes to older generations, who are not digital natives. The general opinion is that influencers don’t really know what they want to do with their lives beyond posting nonsense on social media. While it might be true that many young people are interested in this career for its apparent ease and lack of formal educational requirements, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We believe that an education will set you apart from the pack and improve your influencer career significantly.

This is the case with our current MBA student Bé Ha Nguyen. She started out on YouTube, and currently has almost 1 million followers across Instagram and YouTube. She cooperates with major brands in the Czech Republic, has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and PR, and has just started an MBA at UNYP.


“I joined the UNYP MBA program to get a complex picture of entrepreneurship, and to be able to deal with every aspect that I would encounter while developing a proper business plan.” Be Ha Nguyen


What do you like the most about the MBA program at UNYP?

The people! I really enjoy the international environment I am in. Many different points of views, many interesting stories and backgrounds. I really enjoy the professionality and flexibility of the program, because as a working adult I needed a program where I can merge my studies with my busy work schedule. This was a perfect match.


Which course has left the most impactful impression on you so far? Why?

Definitely the Neuroleadership course with Carlos Davidovich, which builds on psychology. I was able to work on my personal development, and it taught me how to be a better leader while still upholding values and employing self-reflection. I will apply the knowledge gained from the course to my daily routines as well as my business life.

I will also never forget the financial management course. Excel and I will never be best friends, and this course definitely confirmed that, haha! Fortunately I passed, without any financial background and knowledge. If I was able to do it, you can too!


How do you plan to use your UNYP MBA degree after graduation?

I joined the MBA program to get a complex picture of entrepreneurship and to be able to deal with every aspect that I would encounter while developing a proper business plan. With the right people around, most of the work can be delegated, but I believe that a good businesswoman should understand all the partial segments and aspects of business, to make it stable and prevent any inconveniences. I have been inspired by the stories of all my classmates’ hard-earned lessons.


With your strong social media presence, your name has become a lucrative brand. How do you think an MBA degree will help you with your business?

As I mentioned before, I believe it will be very useful when I develop my own business to avoid getting burnt. On top of that, I would mention the power of influencing other people to educate themselves. There is never enough good-quality information; as human beings we get too complacent in our comfort zone, with the feeling that we already know enough. Knowledge is always the loudest voice, so I encourage everybody to not rest on their laurels.


What would you tell someone who is considering study at UNYP?

Benjamin Franklin already said it for me: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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