UNYP announces new partnership with Junior Achievement CR

The University of New York in Prague has always been committed to preparing young people to succeed in a global economy, and this commitment is now taking on an extra dimension as UNYP enters into a brand-new partnership with Junior Achievement in the Czech Republic.

“We are proud to be aligned with Junior Achievement in the Czech Republic, one of the largest organizations operating in the Czech Republic to help prepare youth for fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurship.  UNYP’s motto has been ‘educating tomorrow’s leaders’ for a long time, and now in addition to educating and preparing our own students, we are working with Junior Achievement on just that mission for students throughout the Czech Republic,” commented Sotiris Foutsis, UNYP General Manager.

Teaching financial literacy to children effectively shapes their long-term behaviors from the beginning, rather than developing such skills later in life

“The central function of JA is to educate youth, so it is a great advantage for us to have a strong partner with a reputation for education like the University of New York in Prague. In addition to UNYP’s financial contributions to the organization, they welcome our students and alumni into their classrooms, provide mentors to the student groups and have offered CZK 500,000 in scholarships each year to the winning team,” added Martin Smrž, executive director of JA Czech.

Junior Achievement is a global non-profit youth organization which has been preparing students for navigating the world of business and teaching them financial literacy for the past 100 years. Every year, more than 450,000 JA volunteers work with over 10 million students in 100+ countries. JA programs focus on changing the attitude of the students towards education and future professional involvement, helping them to acquire the necessary skills to be consistently employable. 

Earlier this year, UNYP had the pleasure of hosting the Czech JA Student Company Competition Finals. The JA Student Company Kiš-Kiš was the winner of the 2019 competition, with their Kišáček product (a replacement for plastic snack bags consisting of a waxed cotton napkin made from scraps of waste cloth, which uses beeswax to maintain its shape). Kiš-Kiš won a CZK 500,000 in scholarships, as well as EUR 4,000 to travel to France for the European finals in 2019. “All teams in the finals showed unarguably professional performances. It was challenging for us to choose the best one,” said Martin Smrž.


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